Scarlett Rebels // Scruffy Bear // Stand Alone // Live Review // Nightrain // Bradford

It’s Thursday night at Nightrain and the Scarlett Rebels tour has hit Bradford. It’s been a few
years since these guys played here and their fans are out to see the band hit the stage once

Kicking things off first is the local Bradford band Stand Alone. Having recently moved from a trio
to a duo, these guys still pack a punch and keep your attention throughout the set. Their
energy on stage is infectious and you can’t help but rock along with them. The band’s music
itself is Hard Melodic Rock which features catchy beats and riffs. As they play through tracks
including “Save Me” and the new track “New Day Today”, these guys certainly know how to write
and perform. Stand Alone always make their hometown proud and tonight was no exception
as they warmed up the crowd and played a killer set.

Taking us into the next part of the night is Scruffy Bear. The 4-piece fill the stage and
certainly know how to grab your attention. Vocalist Georgy Eaton steals the show however
with her incredible voice and extremely high energy. As she leads from the front the rest of
the band matches her vibes showcasing the collectiveness of the band. With a sound that’s
Pearl Jam meets Led Zeppelin plays their own individuality, this young band put on a stand
out performance tonight. Their debut EP is due out in two weeks’ time, and l’d highly
recommend checking these guys out!

It’s now that time of the night for our headliners to hit the stage. The crowd has pushed
forward to seeing Scarlet Rebels perform in all their glory and the band is clearly ready to slay.
As they head straight into “I’m Alive” and “Storm”, the crowd gets involved singing and
clapping along. The set continues on with more tracks from the latest album ‘See Through
Blue’ including “Take It” and “I Can’t Say”. The setlist also includes hits from their last album
with “Part of Me” and “No-one Else To Blame”. There’s also a great shirt cover and sing
along moment with Bon Jovi’s “Dead Or Alive” which shows the band’s playfulness and
sense of fun between songs frontman Wayne Doyle interacts with the crowd telling stories
including tales of chewing gum mishaps and personalising the interactions with the crowd
here tonight. The band clearly enjoy being on stage and this is apparent through the
performance that they put on. As the night draws to a close the band gives us one more new
track live with “Heal” before ending on a high with “These Days”


Photos Mark Ellis
Review Emmie Ellis