Sanzu – Australian Death-Metal Outfit Reveal Video For New Song “Cultivate”

Sanzu – Australian Death-Metal Outfit Reveal Video For New Song “Cultivate”
Australia, Perth-based death-metal outfit Sanzu have recently revealed a video for a new song off the band’s forthcoming new album “Our Behaviour When  Drowning”, tentatively set for release later this year.

Titled “Cultivate”, this new track arrives just five weeks after the debut of leading single “Throne of Rope”, which put a halt to seven long years of silence following the release of their critically acclaimed debut full-length album “Heavy Over The Home”.

Watch “Cultivate” video here.

“This has to be one of the most schizophrenic songs we’ve created, both musically and thematically.” Says the band. “A lot of the frustration with creating new music since our last album is in this track. It’s a massive hissy fit going after all the annoying feelings and behaviors that come with being a creator.
Things like self expectations, imposed expectations, peer ridicule, pissing contests between bands, self sabotage, blame and self esteem, jealousy, industry resentment, the inconsistent results of talent and persistence and all those other unfortunate elements that take the joy out of the purity of art that you wish sometimes could just exist in a vacuum.”

Forged in 2013 in Perth, Australia, Sanzu is a unique beast that has unleashed heavy music in a way that utilizes diversity and originality without straying too far from its death metal foundation. Melodic saw-blade riffs meet savage bass lines and earth-quaking percussion manifesting a rhythm section that thunders and grooves in unison with unrestrained vocal assaults akin to some malformed diabolic beast MetalSucks likened to Gojira and Morbid Angel.

The band self-released one EP “Painless” and their debut full-length, “Heavy Over The Home”, in 2015 to wide-spread critical acclaim, also leading them to a record deal with Listenable Records, who reissued their debut album on cd and vinyl in early 2016.

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