San Luis Obispo CA’s The Ragged Jubilee Release New LP Mulholland Overdrive

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San Luis Obispo CA’s The Ragged Jubilee Release New LP Mulholland Overdrive

Recorded with Rob Campenella (The Brian Jonestown Massacre)

As Heard on Ozark, Supergirl, Walker, Shameless, Father Stu, Buddy Games and More.

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San Luis Obispo, CA’s The Ragged Jubilee recorded ‘Mulholland Overdrive’ in late 2020 with Rob Campanella (The Brian Jonestown Massacre). After spending most of that year cooped up and quarantined with ample time to write and practice, Ragged was ready to record their 5th studio album.

Jacob Wick introduced the band to Rob Campanella and in December 2020 the band drove down to Rob’s studio in LA. It took two days to record the album, mostly live. After recording the album, it was a longer road than expected for release but eventually Ragged signed to DC-Jam which allowed full steam ahead for releasing the album, ‘Mulholland Overdrive.’ The band feels this is their most ambitious project to date.

The Ragged Jubilee has had their music prominently featured on multiple episodes of Netflix’s Ozark, as well as the television shows, Supergirl, Walker, Shameless, The Good Lord Bird, and 68 Whiskey, and in recent blockbuster movies including Father Stu, and Buddy Games.

Stream the album HERE


The Ragged Jubilee consists of Ethan Burns (Guitar and Vocals), Chandler Haynes (Bass, Concepts), Aaron Wick (Drums) and Austin I’Anson (Guitar). The band is known for Ethans’s powerful and gritty vocals, their hard hitting drums and intricately calculated rhythm and bass.


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