San Diego’s Los Saints Release New Single + Video “IDK”; Recorded By Keith Cooper of Dear Boy

San Diego’s Los Saints Release New Single + Video “IDK”

Recorded By Keith Cooper of Dear Boy

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Photo: Stu Alfano

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Chula Vista indie/alt rock trio Los Saints (comprised of first-generation Mexican-Americans Angel Mariscal, Emiliano Garcia, and Gianluca Exposito) has released a new single titled “IDK.” The track (recorded in Los Angeles by Keith Cooper of Dear Boy) follows on the heels of the band’s previous single “Foound You Somewhere”

Says Mariscal: “IDK is my attempt to document what it’s like for someone with social anxiety to enter a relationship for the very first time and the trouble this can cause, from my experience of course. The chaos is real!”

Stream the “IDK” video here:

Stream the track here:

Watch the video for the previous single “Fouund You Somewhere” here:




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What others are saying about Los Saints:

“Los Saints don’t mess around on their new single “Fouund You Somewhere”: Some scratchy chords right out of the Strokes playbook, then — bam — the Chula Vista-bred trio launches into a chorus the feels like you’ve just taken off over the deep blue seas west of San Diego International Airport.”- Buzzbands

“Don’t let the longing and regret behind the lyrics fool you — the guitar-led track glitters with optimistic tones.”- Alternative Press

“Los Saints are your next indie obsession…reminiscent of veteran indie-rockers The Strokes. Perfect to play on a late-night drive.”- The Honey Pop

“…pairs angular, melodious guitars reminiscent of ‘80s post-punk jams with the sentimentality of a pop breakup song.”- Remezcla

“…combines the flashy garage rock of The Strokes with the melancholy jangle pop of The Smiths. The kind of song that could very easily crossover to the level of mainstream that would get them on network TV, so let’s enjoy them as our little secret while we still can.”- If It’s Too Loud

“Could Los Saints be Chula Vista’s version of Cage the Elephant?”- San Diego Union Tribune

“Quintessential Californian guitar-pop”- Glamglare

“The hypnotic jangle of guitars meshed with tortured-sounding vocals to conjure a sound in the realm of The Smiths, certainly, though also with a modern punch.”- Obscure Sound

“a melodic pop-tinged sound with a mix of grit and genuine emotion.”- PBS San Diego