Sabrina Kennedy announces debut EP ‘Wheel Of The Year’



Sabrina Kennedy has announced the release of her debut EP Wheel Of The Year, out May 25th and available to pre-save here. Marking the EP announcement Sabrina has released a striking visualiser for the new single ‘Magic & Mayhem’. It features a video montage of Sabrina which sees her charming snakes, burning sage, reading tarot cards and more. Watch it here.

‘Magic & Mayhem’ is a bold pop rock track where punchy punk riffs pair with Sabrina’s grand vocals delivering spellbinding melodies and magnetic hooks. The song has been quick to prove a hit and has received strong acclaim including being featured in the Kerrang Chart, highlighting the best new music of the week.

Regarding the single Sabrina says, “This song came from trying to fit in with an elite crowd that was intrigued by the witch and the magic, but it couldn’t hold space for it or handle it. I quickly realized that in the confines of their tiny world was loneliness and distraction. There is magic and mayhem running through my blood and I decided I could no longer repress it. It’s about fully embracing the wild woman who lives within me and the magic that runs through my veins.”

Sabrina’s debut EP Wheel Of The Year showcases her artistic versatility which proves a force to be reckoned with. It is a glimpse into Sabrina life living through ‘the wheel of the year’ – the Wiccan calendar that predates our own – and it journeys through the different seasons of her life.

The four-song EP begins with ‘Puritan’, which evokes the spring equinox and its former ritual sacrifices that pre-dated Easter. Among its dark R&B laced pop Sabrina declares “you can burn me at the stake like a Puritan.” A powerful statement about the lengths she’s willing to go to defend her right to be herself.

Meanwhile ‘Red Wine’ is the EP’s most reflective and sultry moment, representing the autumn equinox and Halloween with eerie trap beats and empowering lyrism among a huge rock crescendo.

“Other than my love for red wine, this song was bred from the confides of my flat during the dark time the world was facing in lockdown,” Sabrina begins about the song. “I delved into the darkest parts of my soul channelling the divine feminine energy that is Mary Magdalene, the misunderstood whore. ‘Red Wine’ is the direct relationship between Mary Magdalene and Jesus – two lost souls just trying to get by.”

‘Overflow’ completes the EP, it is an expansive pop ballad evoking a sense of Sia grandeur and represents the winter solstice. “Overflow is feeling everything so deeply and profoundly that you completely lose control in the process,” she says. “Accessing the deepest parts of yourself and allowing everything to burn to the ground to build a new.”

Sabrina will be playing a headline show in London to celebrate the EP on the same day as the release. Tickets for the show at The Grace on are on sale now here.


  1. Puritan
  2. Magic & Mayhem
  3. Red Wine
  4. Overflow

Witchcraft pulsates through Sabrina’s psyche, her life and music. Her identification as a witch has little to do with casting spells and issuing curses, however. In fact, it sees Sabrina celebrating the divine feminine and connection with natural and spiritual worlds.

Based in London, the Boston-born singer made many visits to nearby Salem throughout her childhood, which introduced her to all manner of alternative belief systems, as well as being “a place with a very peculiar energy” that she picked up on from an early age. Paganism, with its close connection to the power of mother nature, also held an attraction, as did tarot card reading.

Growing up on the US East Coast with adoptive Irish-Italian parents, she’s always looked beyond the obvious to embrace the role of outsider. She was later to meet her birth-mother – live on TV no less – and learn that her grandfather was Bajan.

Sabrina then moved to Nashville but realised after a while that her views put her directly at odds with some of the macho posturing still lurking in that music scene. She felt much more at home when she moved to London. Immersed in the city’s multi-genre tastes, she set to work building a band.

Her debut single ‘Hold Tight’, a tumultuous anthem about dealing with the trauma of her father’s death, was released in 2019. The introduction to Sabrina’s grand sound and songwriting was followed by ‘The Other Side’ in 2020, which further accentuated her captivating work with its crooked R&B further exploring her personal aura, “I’m a Gemini, no one wants to see my other side”, she sings.

Her music has made its way onto the soundtracks of Love Island and Made In Chelsea, while she was also quick to make a strong presence on the London live scene, performing at Notting Hill Arts Club, Off The Cuff, Laylow and Paper Dress Vintage.

With the release of her debut EP Wheel Of The Year in 2023 she marks a defining new chapter in her captivating story with a diverse record reflecting the many different cultures, beliefs and sounds that influence her life and music.