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This one has been marked in the diary for a very long time, Royal Blood playing the Telegraph Building in Belfast is going to be a monstrous night’s music.

It may be a Sunday night be school is cancelled over the Halloween break so Belfast is here and ready to party! I was kinda expecting more of a freak show on display being Halloween Weekend but Belfast looks relatively normal tonight which is disappointing!

Royal Blood, the British rock duo consisting of Mike Kerr and Ben Thatcher, is renowned for its sonic ferocity and electrifying live performances. On a cold evening in Belfast, their music will become the catalyst for a fiery display of energy, musicianship, and passion, drawing a diverse crowd of fans to the historic Telegraph Building. The venue, steeped in industrial history, provided the perfect backdrop for the duo’s explosive set, solidifying their reputation as one of the most thrilling live acts in modern rock.

The Telegraph Building, an iconic venue in the heart of Belfast, has hosted countless legendary performances over the past few years. As fans filed into the historic space, the anticipation was palpable. The industrial aesthetics of the building, with its exposed brick walls and towering ceilings, created an atmosphere that seemed tailor-made for a rock and roll extravaganza.

Up first though, Hot Wax.

Hastings Noise rock Trio Hot Wax made their Belfast Debut at the Tele Building to a sold-out crowd.

8pm sharp and Hot Wax hit the stage – the two ladies glammed to the nines sparkly shorts and hair ablaze with colour these two rockers mean business. Right away you know these ladies are a handful, the growling noises coming from Lola Sam’s bass shakes the building and the cutting vocals and lyrics of Talluah Sim-Savage are tossed out over the Belfast crowd as they take in the sonic onslaught in front of them.

Hot Wax has a killer sound, Lola slams that bass creating intricate bass lines that fill the spaces between Talluah’s vocal lines and thrashing guitar while Alfie (Sayers) slams those skins like his life depends on it. The trio are right on the money, and tight. Musically in sync, they start and stop on a dime. A killer start to the evening for sure.  There was me thinking sugaring was all the rage in 2023, but clearly Hot Wax is where it’s at! If ya know, ya know!

But in all seriousness, Hot Wax absolutely slammed it on a cold wet Sunday evening in Belfast to a crowd thirsty for Royal Blood, opening up to a crowd in a sold-out venue for the headlining band could crush many a band, some may thrive on the challenge and Hot Wax did just that! A short but sweet set allowed them to make their mark on the Belfast crowd and the roars of approval as they exited stage left said it all. #Bitchin’!



At 9PM on the dot Mike Kerr and Ben Thatcher took the stage with as the crowd errupted. Kerr, wielding a bass guitar that produced a sound as thunderous as any guitar, and Thatcher, sitting at his drum kit, ready to unleash a rhythmic storm. With just two instruments and their voices, they create a wall of sound that would question just how many people are playing on that stage! From the first note, Royal Blood’s musicianship was sublime. Mike Kerr’s bass guitar work was nothing short of extraordinary. He made the instrument sing, creating melodies and riffs that that bellow out over the Belfast audience, slamming those four strings with such intensity and verve that you can clearly see why there is no need for a guitarist. His powerful vocals soared above the music, gripping with the crowd on an emotional level. The chemistry between Kerr and Thatcher was electric, with each musician effortlessly syncing their rhythms and energies, driving the performance to greater heights. The beauty of a two piece for all to see, the raw, ethereal energy setting The Telegraph Building on fire!

The setlist was a perfect mix of tracks from their disocgraphy, showcasing everything and the kitchen sink, the perfect blend of fan favourites and live killers to stop people in their tracks and demand their attention. “Figure It Out” was a highlight, with its thumping bassline and infectious chorus closing off proceedings and getting one of the biggest roars of the evening.  “Little Monster” brought an undeniable swagger to the performance, and “Out of the Black” was a masterclass in pure rock intensity. The faces said it all in The Telegraph Building, smiles as far as the eye could see and the sheer joy is evident by all, the energy coming from that stage is a masterclass in live performance, the crowd are right there with the band every step of the way as they push and pull at them with an electrifying collection of tracks that has everyone warbling along as best they can at the top of their voices.

Royal Blood’s performance at the Telegraph Building in Belfast was an unforgettable night of rock and roll at its finest, on that fans will revel in for a very long time to come, forget the shitty Northern Irish weather, Belfast was treated to an unforgettable nights music by one of the UK’s finest rock duo’s, there will be more than a few sore heads in the morning to confirm it.  The duo’s infectious energy, blistering musicianship, and undoubted connection with the crowd created an atmosphere of pure rock euphoria. As the exhausted crowd streamed out onto the wet Belfast streets, battered and bruised, it was evident that Royal Blood had left an indelible mark, proving once again that they are at the very top of their game with no sign of slowing down.


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Photography: Mark McGrogan

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