ROUGH JUSTICE release new single and music video for ‘Faith In Vain’




Today, Sheffield hardcore band ROUGH JUSTICE have released their new single and music video for ‘Faith In Vain’. The track is taken from the band’s recently announced debut full length album Faith In Vain, due 12th January via MLVLTD.

Watch the music video to ‘Faith In Vain’ here.
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While the title track is explicit in the description of guitarist Elliot Reynolds’ resentment of his Christian upbringing, this is not the overarching theme of the record. The song, ‘Faith In Vain’, details the anger and confusion felt by Elliot when faced with the existential upheaval that came from renouncing his earlier faith. Through years of introspection, Elliot came to realise that he had more questions than answers and approached the other members of ROUGH JUSTICE to pitch this as an idea for a song. As a result, ‘Faith In Vain’ is more than an outward expression of these emotions and feelings and an inward expression of cathartic release.

The band have always been fans of a huge variety of different styles of music, and they really leaned into their love of grunge when writing the chorus, expressing their willingness to break away from hardcore convention. Because of this, ‘Faith In Vain’ is a particularly memorable point in the record and guitarist Ed Armitage’s powerful vocals in the chorus are reminiscent of the late Chris Cornell.

ROUGH JUSTICE – ‘Faith In Vain’

Sheffield has become known for producing profound moments in heavy music. The debut full length record from ROUGH JUSTICEFaith In Vain, is another one of these moments. A semi-discography, the record is interwoven with violent, impactful and introspective material that gives Faith In Vain a unique feel and encapsulates what ROUGH JUSTICE is all about.

ROUGH JUSTICE are rightly known as a hardcore band that were born out of a mutual love of hardcore bands from the north east of Pennsylvania, namely Bad Seed and Dead End Path. As formative artists for all five members, these were the pillars that made the band what it is but, with Faith In VainROUGH JUSTICE pull from far more than these two deep cuts. As huge metal fans, the band has subconsciously introduced more sophisticated guitar parts and structures, without departing from the straightforward heaviness that has maintained their popularity since their inception. The band themselves didn’t target a specific sound or set of influences while writing the record which is arguably what makes it difficult to compare with much else. Faith In Vain is a showcase of unique song structures and riffs that highlight the band’s progression as songwriters without ever losing sight of their hardcore sensibilities.

Listeners will hear the defiant, direct lyrics typical of hardcore bands past and present, combined with more nuanced and ambiguous moments that will stay with you long after listening. It’s this combination of metallic hardcore intensity and a sensitivity and consideration for the lyrics that gives ROUGH JUSTICE a point of difference. From songs about guilt and fear, to others pondering religion and the hidden intentions of others – Faith In Vain shatters all preconceived notions of what a hardcore record can be.

It’s crucial to say at this point that, without all of the graft from friends in Malevolence, this new way of writing wouldn’t have been possible. ROUGH JUSTICE were able to use the newly built DIY space Malevolence created to spend hours demoing the songs that would eventually feature on the record.

Album Artwork Credit: Adam BurkeTrack Listing:
1. Cowards
2. Overruled
3. Faith In Vain
4. Rusting
5. When It Comes
6. Boa Constrictor
7. Backwards Mask
8. Mind’s Eye
Band Members:
Jimmy – Vocals
Ed Armitage – Guitar/Vocals
Elliot Reynolds – Guitar
Harry Green – Bass
Josh Baines – DrumsSocial Media Links:
Facebook || Instagram