Rosie Smith Releases Her Single ‘Jekyll and Hyde’ Heralding Her Forthcoming Album ‘Face’

Rosie Smith Releases Her Single ‘Jekyll and Hyde’ Heralding Her Forthcoming Album ‘Face’

The sensational Rosie Smith releases her strong pop single ‘Jekyll and Hyde’  today  Friday 23rd September, with its fabulous parent album ‘Face’ release date to be confirmed,  both on X and Y  Records through Fuga distribution

 The song has a catchy pop tune and feel, clever lyrics and shows off the timbre of Rosie’s vocals.

“Rosie’s voice is cashmerette ‘n’ chocolate sauce,” wrote Neil Mach of Rawramp, “in other words it’s indulgent, luxuriously yummy, and has a sophisticated tonality… File alongside Nancy Sinatra.”

‘Jekyll and Hyde’ chimes with Rosie’s ethos and purpose: “In part because of my own life experiences,” she says, “my music is intended to be a kind of self-help guide for other young adults struggling with love, friendship, upheaval and grief.”

“I wrote ‘Jekyll and Hyde’ when I was in school,” Rosie goes on to reflect, “There were some quite unpleasant people who made me feel like I was going crazy by playing mind games and tricks on me, which is why I used ‘Jekyll and Hyde’ as the title, as I almost had to create another personality to survive the trials and tribulations, they put me through.”

Southampton-born, Glastonbury-raised English musician Rosie Smith (22) swiftly made her mark on the music scene, demonstrating her rich and remarkable talents as a pop songwriter and singer when she opened for the pop band Lawson on their UK Winter tour, which culminated on 6th November, 2021 at the O2 Shepherd’s Bush Empire in London.

She’s influenced by the likes of Fleetwood Mac, The Lumineers, Ed Sheeran, Billie Eilish, John Denver and Mumford and Sons and has been described as “An extremely talented singer-songwriter and an exceptionally gifted lyricist who writes beautifully pertinent songs that express purpose, intent and meaning.”

Rosie Smith taught herself piano, drums, trumpet, and songwriting while at school. She pursued classical voice training, starred in school musicals, gained film-work as an extra and went on to graduate with a first-class honours degree from Rose Bruford College in London, who specialise in the disciplines of stagecraft. Rosie is thus also a talented actress, who once appeared with David Tenant and Olivia Coleman in the hit mystery TV series Broadchurch.

“I play the guitar, piano, drums and a little bass and trumpet,” says Rosie, “I love finding obscure ways to play chords and melodic patterns and I am fascinated by harmonies. I would describe my music style as storytelling in a commercial way. I use the folk genre narratives and place them into an up-tempo pop genre, so I guess it’s folky pop with a twist!”

Get a taste of that fresh folky pop with a twist with ‘Jekyll and Hyde is now  available on all digital platforms

The album ‘Face – release date to be confirmed.

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