New single “Lawside” out April 3

Listen hereRoseanne Reid – Lawside.mp3


The “missing” title track from acclaimed 2023 album Lawside out now 

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Photo credit: Dawn Brankin

Scottish singer-songwriter Roseanne Reid is to release new single “Lawside” on April 3, co-inciding with a short run of tour dates in Scotland. Turning convention on its head, Reid decided not to include what would have been the title track on last year’s new album Lawside.

Speaking about the track, Reid commented: “”Lawside” was written as not only a tribute to the place I now call home, but also as an acknowledgment of the journey it took to get there. I never really envisioned leaving Edinburgh, my family and friends. It was quite a significant decision to start somewhere new, and I’m so thankful I landed here. This song stands alone as a story.”

Listen to “Lawside” here: Roseanne Reid – Lawside.mp3

In early April, Reid will take to the road for selected headline Scottish dates, as follows:

Wed 3 April   GLASGOW Oran Mor

Thur 4 April   EDINBURGH Summerhall

Fri 5 April      ABERDEEN Lemon Tree

Sat 6 April     STIRLING Tolbooth /

Reid’s second album Lawside was released in 2023, via Last Man Music. Named for the area of Dundee in which Roseanne and her family live, the new LP was recorded in Perth with producer, musician and fellow Scot David Macfarlane.

Amongst the widespread praise for Lawside, UNCUT called the record “Confirmation that fine debut was no fluke”, MOJO declared it an “articulate collection”, AMERICANA-UK in its 9/10 review said: “‘Lawside’ is an album of beautifully crafted songwriting” and ENTERTAINMENT FOCUS concluded “this is a powerful listen.”

Alongside headline dates of her own and prestigious UK festival appearances, Reid has supported legendary US singer-songwriter Steve Earle and Americana giant Jason Isbell on shows over the past few months.

Roseanne Reid’s world has changed in some dramatic ways since she released her hugely acclaimed first album Trails, and not just because of what she calls the “weird dream” of the lockdown years. But those changes have only helped to inform its delightful follow-up, as the widely admired Scottish singer-songwriter invites us to Lawside.

Last summer, Roseanne and her wife became the proud parents of a baby boy, who has, of course, reshaped their lives in the most joyful (and exhausting) ways. Much of the new record was written before he came along, but the maturity and confidence in her song craft and delivery is there for all to hear.

“This album just sounds much more self-assured throughout,” she says. “I’ve been a bit bolder with the vocals. With Trails, they were blended a bit more, and this time they’re front and centre. I’d say Trails was perfect for where I was at the time, but with this record, I feel that bit more confident with my voice. It’s gotten stronger over time, and I thought ‘Let’s push that right up front.’”

There was another tangible change in the way she created the record. Whereas Trails was made in Brooklyn with producer Teddy Thompson in a lightning five-day burst, Lawside was closer to home in every sense. It was recorded in Perth, just south of Dundee, with producer, musician and fellow Scot David Macfarlane, and in a way that very much suited Reid’s new life.

Reid has built a reputation as one of the most sensitive and original young artists on the roots music scene. Born in Leith and raised in Edinburgh, Roseanne grew up in music, the eldest daughter of the Proclaimers’ Craig Reid, and was taking her own first artistic steps by the age of 12, when she learned guitar, moving on to early performances at local folk clubs and open mic nights.

“My mum taught me my first three chords, and it went from there,” she recalls. “It was a very smooth transition from the initial thinking of ‘This is cool and I enjoy doing it’ to ‘This is what I want to dedicate myself to.’”