ROSA FAENSKAP – Norwegian Patricidal Black-Metal Trio Premiere New Track “Livredd”

ROSA FAENSKAP – Norwegian Patricidal Black-Metal Trio Premiere New Track “Livredd” Via Invisible Oranges

Patricidal black-metal trio ROSA FAENSKAP from Oslo, Norway are excited to reveal a new song off their upcoming debut album “Jeg blir til deg”, which is scheduled for release on November 3rd via Fysisk Format (Årabrot, Blood Command, The Good the Bad and the Zugly, Okkultokrati, etc…) Pre-orders are now available at this location.

Titled “Livredd”, this new track has premiered at Invisible Oranges, who had this to say about the album “In this hypnotic superposition, their upcoming album Jeg blir til deg wraps itself around listeners like a wreath of rusted wire, captivating and also constricting. The album’s melodic thrust wavers between triumphant, incensed, and perhaps fearful as the dynamics of the album ramp up and down in crests of fevered excitement and utterly depleted lows. In short, it can be emotionally trying, and that’s by design: the band makes no effort to disguise or blunt their message.”

Listen to “Livredd” here.

The band comments about this new track: “Livredd is a song about coming out – and wondering years later if  you merely stepped into another closet. A bigger, even more frightening  one. The fear and shame you thought you had defeated comes back, in a  political landscape where non-binary people, trans people and everyone  else who challenges old views of gender are under constant attack. If I  reject being labeled a man or a woman, will I be ridiculed? If I wear  the clothing and makeup that makes me happy, can I ever feel safe? It’s  easier to just stay closeted when you are scared to death – or  ‘Livredd’.”

With their background in autonomous culture house Blitz, which in the 80’s fostered bands like So Much Hate and Kafka Process, ROSA FAENSKAP has taken the fight against prejudice and repression into a new millennium, expanding on the political hardcore foundation with elements of black metal, post-rock, prog and shoegaze.  They mix the ugliest and the prettiest music has to offer, in a cauldron tasting both sweet and horrifying. ROSA FAENSKAP shall strive, to the best of their ability, to drive black metal purists insane.

ROSA FAENSKAP originated on a drunken night of mayhem in 2021 when guitarist Emil and bassist Håvard found drummer Anders in a garbage can, knocked out drunk but perfectly balancing a hot dog in each hand. “Right there we knew we’d found the perfect guy to handle the sticks” says Emil and  Håvard.

Håvard Solli: Bass/Vocals
Emil Vestre: Guitar/Backing Vocals
Anders Jansvik: Drums


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