Red Flag Music presents PAT!i

Red Flag Music presents PAT!i
debuting single and video today

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Swedish experimental rock artist PAT!i release its debut single ’NumbDance‘ from the upcoming album, ‘SAHARA مائة وثمانية عش‘ (release on February 23, 2024).

The artist behind PAT!i has toured several parts of the world as a musician and band-member, and has been both a musician and producer for bands in various genres, from metal to hip-hop.

As a result, he has developed a unique sound that gives PAT!i a unique sound in the borderland between vintage hard rock and modern rock, with experimental sounds and elements from hip-hop, rock and punk.

With symbolism and stage costumes from ancient Egypt and lyrics that address the sensitive subject of mental illness, PAT!i delivers energetic rock dating back to the early 1970s combined with hyper-modern influences and sound from the world of hip-hop.

First single and video ’NumbDance‘ lyrically touches on the subject of self-harm. Musically, the plaintive vocals are backed by mangling drums, hard synth bass and dry, half-distorted and repetitive guitars to explode in the choruses into a more melodic climax. A lot of harmony singing with little winks to the punk further enhances the lament.

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The album contains 9 tracks, including instrumental tracks. ‘SAHARA مائة وثمانية عش‘ is produced by PAT!i, mixed by Anonymous X, mastered by Anonymous Y, released via Red Flag Music and distributed worldwide via Sound Pollution Distribution, February 23, 2024.

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