RAVEN RECORDS is open for Metal Business

RAVEN RECORDS is open for Metal Business


Want know where to get Metal records in the heart of Camden Town?
Want to know where to hang out prior to a gig?
Want to hire ’The Lucifer Lounge‘?
Want to drop in for a chat and a drink?

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Metal fans and vinyl enthusiasts alike have a reason to celebrate as Raven Records opens its doors.

Located in the heart of Camden Town, and dedicated exclusively to the heavy metal genre, Raven Records is set to redefine the way metal fans experience and interact with their favourite music. Stocking new metal vinyl from a vast spectrum of heavy metal genres, from the bands that started the genre right through to the different sub genres and all the way to the extreme and experimental forms of metal. Raven Records offers a curated selection of heavy metal releases spanning the subgenres of black, death, thrash, doom, power, NWOBHM, shock, metalcore, groove, gothic, glam, sleaze, progressive industrial and everything in between.

In addition to its extensive selection of metal vinyl, Raven Records will host regular events, including album launches, talks and artist meet-and-greets in its dedicated basement area, ’The Lucifer Lounge‘.

Founded by Chloe Marlow and Ben Dean, Raven Records aims to redefine socialising within the metal community, challenging stereotypes with an alcohol-free bar on the premises, stocking a full range of 0.0% abv beverages. The initial idea for Raven Records came from Chloe, a former DJ and the 0.0 bar from Ben who is in recovery (16 years and counting) and hosts secular recovery meetings for people dealing with addiction.

The premises also serves heavy metal themed coffee with a selection of products including coffee from the polish black metal band Behemoth, served black using the pour-over method. This approach allows for a dynamic rotation of coffee products, including stocking limited-edition band-branded coffees.

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“We’re thrilled to introduce Raven Records to the metal community in London and beyond,” said Ben Dean, co-founder of Raven Records and a lifelong metal fan. “Our goal is to create more than just a record store; a sanctuary for metal enthusiasts seeking connection, exceptional coffee and alcohol-free drinks. Whether you’re a lifelong metal fan or just starting out in the world of vinyl, there’s something here for everyone.”

With its immersive atmosphere and dedication to all things metal, Raven Records aims to become a focal point for metal culture in London and beyond. Patrons have described the venue as “like Shades crossed with an alcohol-free Crobar!”


Raven Records,
24 Camden Road,

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