Rat Lord – Norwegian Powerviolence/Grindcore Trio Share New Track “Wo-Tan-Clan”

Rat Lord – Norwegian Powerviolence/Grindcore Trio Share New Track “Wo-Tan-Clan” 

Norwegian powerviolence/grindcore trio RAT LORD has recently shared another track off their second album “Blazed In The Northern Sky,” which is scheduled to be released worldwide on August 30th via Loyal Blood Records.

Titled “Wo-Tan-Clan,” this new track has premiered at Everything Is Noise who had this to say about the song “Immediately breaking through layers of concrete walls with speeds too fast for the human eye to follow, this track instantly rips its way into your nervous system and creates an adrenaline rush potent enough to have you ready to take on any boxer you can name (but don’t, actually, please).”

Listen to “Wo-Tan-Clan” here.

The band comments: ”Wo-Tan-Clan” is a short burst of Norwegian hardcore/power-violence, Wotan is an old Germanic translation of the Norse god name Odin. Which so many shitty black metal bands and neo-nazis love and adore. And let us not even start to talk about the nerds who love that shit. Therefore: Fuck ´em. Let them pay the ultimate price, to quote Danzig.’

If you missed it, the album’s leading single “Raised on Kneipp,” is still playing at this location.

The follow-up to the band’s 2022 debut album “This Is Not A Record,” sees RAT LORD churning out the same gritty and destructive powerviolence/grind sound that received strong praise from various publications along their humorous lyrical content, this time parodying some of the most famous songs and events from the Norwegian Black Metal history, the album title for instance clearly nods at Darkthrone’s “A Blaze in the Northern Sky.”