Racetraitor feature Dennis Lyxzén of Refused on new single + video “Pastoral Monolith”

Racetraitor feature Dennis Lyxzén of Refused on new single + video “Pastoral Monolith”

New album Creation and the Timeless Order of Things out November 17th

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Heading closer to the release of Creation and the Timeless Order of Things, on November 17th, Racetraitor have shared “Pastoral Monolith,” the third single from the record. The dark and heavy track leans into doom territory threaded with haunting piano. Vigorous screams from Mani Mostofi and Dennis Lyxzén (Refused,  The (International) Noise Conspiracy) give impact to the woeful lyrics. The video for the song is an homage to The (International) Noise Conspiracy’s for “Smash It Up” and can be viewed HERE. (live footage provided by The Art Of B)

On “Pastoral Monolith” and working with Lyxzén, the band states:

“The song is about the lasting and devastating impacts of British colonialism in Nigeria. In the past few weeks, we have seen Israels attacks on Gaza which also have their historical roots in British colonialism.

The song features guest vocals from Dennis Lyxzén, who is a longtime friend and co-conspirator of the band. The video has images and quotes from various activists and artists who have fought back against colonialism, settler colonialism, and their capitalist systems.’”

First formed in 1996, the band – Mani Mostofi (vocals), Dan Binaei (guitar), Andrea Black (guitar and backing vocals), R. Brent Decker (bass) and Andy Hurley (drums) – continue to be as sonically and politically charged as ever. The 13 songs on Creation and the Timeless Order of Things focus on fighting for liberation from the oppressive systems that destroy humanity and the earth, while creating a geographic autobiography of Racetraitor. With the album originally set to be completed in 2020, as the for-profit medical infrastructure failed to protect the populations of earth, the band like many others, didn’t finish the record as planned. Instead, this inspired Racetraitor to look at what they wanted to achieve sonically in a new light, creating a sound that is heavier, more psychedelic, and more worldly all at once. The band also took this time to have friends record additional vocals on the album, including contributions from Dennis Lyxzén (Refused), Tim Kinsella (Joan of Arc, Cap’n Jazz), Stan Liszewaki (Terminal Nation), and Sanket Lama (Chepang) to name a few, plus Ethan Lee McCarthy (Primitive Man) contributing a noise track.

Creation and the Timeless Order of Things can be preordered now through Good Fight Music.

Creation and the Timeless Order of Things was written and produced by Racetraitor. Recorded at Electrical Audio by Greg Norman, Paint by Numbers by Stuart Sikes, and VoidDawn by Dan Binaei. Mixed by Greg Norman at Studio Greg Studios. Mastered at Audiosiege by Brad Boatright.

Creation and the Timeless Order of Things Tracklist:

1. Eid (ft. Fared Shafinury and Patrick Hassan)

2. Chamelecón (ft. Hera)

3. Cave of the Patriarchs

4. Godspeed

5. Land Acknowledgment

6. Pastoral Monolith (ft. Dennis Lyxzén)

7. Black Creek / Red River (ft. Tim Kinsella)

8. Santa Apolonia (ft. Ruben L. Garza Jr)

9. Sarcophagus

10. Subordinate Terror (ft. Stan Liszewski)

11. Cape Rerenga (ft. Carrie Gerardi)

12. Sword (ft. Sanket Lama)

13. Pangaea Proxima

Upcoming Shows:

12/9 – Grand Rapids, MI – Sweat Fest @ Skelletones