QUANTUM release new single “On The Verge” – New Album ’Down the Mountainside‘ coming April 19, 2024

QUANTUM release new single “On The Verge”

New Album ’Down the Mountainside‘ coming April 19, 2024

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On the Verge is Quantum‘s second single from the upcoming album Down the Mountainside which is set for release on April 19, 2024. The lyrical themes of the album deal with humans alter egos – or masks – that people in our society rely on in order to get by with their everyday lives, and how these affect them psychologically and eventually lead them towards a breaking point. On the Verge is a perfect example of this.

Anton Ericsson explains On the Verge
On the Verge is a song that hooks you in with a propulsive and strange – yet captivating – groove, hypnotising guitar riffs, some really cool chords, and a lead vocal that shifts between being aggressive in the verse, soaring in the epic chorus and somber in the beautiful interlude. All musicians get the shine – there are aggressive drum and bass bits, shimmering acoustic guitar textures, a juicy solo and much much more – all contained in a very concise and cohesive package with a really nice flow!

Lyrically, it deals with domestic violence, and focuses on your typical “too nice” guy who bottles up on his emotions and then snaps – releasing his fury on his partner/child (I’m leaving it up to your interpretation). Once I learned that statistically, we all know someone who is –  or will be – like that, I started thinking about whether or not you, as their friend/family member, could see it coming or prevent it. The lyric is basically what I imagined I’d tell him before (verse 1), and after (verse 2) he “snapped” (interlude).

Metaphorically, I describe his rage as a machine that he himself loses control over and gets stuck in. Hence the first line, “A man stands hiding a large machine”. It’s a rather strange thing to say – it’s basically a contradiction – and I like it, because it really gets you thinking and asking questions. It’s probably my favourite “first line” on this record.


The album features mesmerizing guitar solos from the brilliant Richard Henshall and Tom MacLean, both esteemed members of the band Haken. Their contributions add an extra layer of brilliance to an already stellar musical offering.

Quantum was formed in 2016 by Anton Ericsson, Olof Simander, and Fredrik Reinholdsen. Since then, the band has undergone various line-up changes, with Anton remaining the constant member and primary songwriter. The current line-up includes Anton Ericsson on bass and vocals, Marcus Lundberg on drums, and Samuel Walfridsson and Kalle Segerborg on guitars.

In 2020, Quantum garnered attention with the release of their EP, ‘The Next Breath of Air…,’ featuring some of their favourite tracks to play live. The EP helped them build a small but loyal following across the globe.

“Down the Mountainside” is poised to be a milestone in Quantum’s musical journey, showcasing their evolution and mastery of the progressive rock genre. Brace yourselves for an album that pushes boundaries, challenges norms, and invites listeners into a world where music transcends conventional expectations.

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