Punk/alternative solo artist FERNANDHELL. shares new track “The Invisible Ones”!

Punk/alternative solo artist FERNANDHELL. has just released his brand new single “The Invisible Ones”! Listen to the track HERE

The single is taken from FERNANDHELL.‘s upcoming EP, which will be released on Sept. 30 via Go Down Records. What awaits you on the new EP? Think about a 45 old Nick, trapped at home with six cats and one guitar. The next step is the interaction between himself and the felines, the so-called “Gatten Army”, and what comes out is a mixture of thoughts between parts, points of view on a fictional world, love, disappointment and an endless repulsion for Mardi Gras. In the background the stereo plays Pixies, Hüsker Dü and early R.E.M. Here’s his debut EP!

Tracklist reads as follows:

1. The Invisible Ones

2. Marceline
3. 99%
4. Run, Teddy, Run
5. Mardi Gras

FERNANDHELL. “And The Gatten Army” is now available for pre-order HERE


Fernandhell. line-up:

Fernandhell. | vocals, guitars, bass, drums
Paul | lead guitars

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