Priors Offer a 2nd Glimpse Into Their Upcoming Album Daffodil



Along with announcement of their Montreal album launch party,

the punk outfit share post-punk groover:


The single is out today via Mothland!

PRIORS offer a second glimpse into their forthcoming album Daffodil (June 2nd, 2023 via Mothland), a cynical post-punk entry entitled “Optimizer”. Elegantly destroying common tropes of the genre, the piece is somewhat of a mise-en-abîme. Is it a literal heart-wrenching cry for help? A sardonic take on peer pressure and confusion? A critic of a never-dying and wistful fad? Either way, there is no stopping this chorus-drenched worm from entering your ear.

Listen/Post: “Optimizer”

“Optimizer” is a direct stab at post-punk because I wasn’t really impressed with a lot of the stuff I was hearing. We always dipped our toes in post-punk, but I felt it was necessary to dive in on this one. I hadn’t written a song around a bass line since “Brew HA HA” from the last record (My Punishment On Earth) and once I had the groove, it was really easy to see where it should go.

– Chance Hutchison from PRIORS

Daffodil – the seventh release and fourth full-length since 2017 from prolific outfit PRIORS (Montréal, QC) – delivers on all counts, spewing an absolute onslaught of manic, yet witty punk. Singer-songwriter Chance Hutchison stares deep into his blind spot, offering spunk-fueled spittings gift-wrapped within melodic rock & roll that threatens to leave an emotional mark. From the onset, this collection of genuine songs tight-ropes both “vintage” and “modern” gusts of sonic winds amidst a headbanging storm of blood, sweat and tears.

Helped by longtime friend, co-producer and guitarist Max Desharnais (New Vogue, Sonic Avenues, etc.), as well as by a motley ensemble of seasoned musicians, Hutchison presents loyal fans, as well as unsuspecting fast and loud music aficionados, with 22 minutes of sheer punk ingenuity, where purposely crossed wires result in a soothing, if polarizing, strand of incendiary rock. Incisive rhythms serve as the basis for clever arrangements centered around fuzzed-out guitars, patented basslines, analog synthesizers, Hutchison’s signature tightly crushed-out vocals, as well as occasional saxophone flurries by guest musician Dave Forcier (CIVIC, The Steve Adamyk Band).

Also featuring guitar player Sebastien Godin (Sonic Avenues), drummer Andrew Demers (The Famines) and bass player Alan Hildebrandt (Tabarnak), the hopeful and uplifting Daffodil (June 2nd, 2023 via Mothland) should no doubt please fans of Jay Reatard, The Buzzcocks, The Spits, The Saints or Wire.

[PRIORS] make mutant garage punk, equal parts dystopian attitude, adrenalized riffage and a misting of turpentine.

– BrooklynVegan

Montreal five-piece Priors pummel their listeners with spacey garage punk.

– Stereogum

It’s sonically saturated to all hell and sounds like a party.

– Maximum Rocknroll

[“Daffodil” is] an addictive melodic punk track.

– New Noise Magazine

[…] bruising, high-energy, no-frills punk rock.

– Cult MTL


+ Guests

Friday, June 30th, 2023 – Escogriffe Bar Spectacle, Montréal, QC

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