Power Metal Legends GLORYHAMMER Release Lyric Video for “Sword Lord Of The Goblin Horde”

Power Metal Legends GLORYHAMMER Release Lyric Video for “Sword Lord Of The Goblin Horde”! | Watch HEREOrder the New Album, Return to the Kingdom of FifeHERE

[Photo Credit: Fernando Bonenfant]

Power metal warriors GLORYHAMMER have revealed a lyric video for the track “Sword Lord of the Goblin Horde”, cut from the band’s new full-length, Return to the Kingdom of Fife! Upon release, the album debuted on the official US, Canadian and German Album Charts, among others, and received outstanding international reception from fans and critics alike. GLORYHAMMER are currently in the middle of a packed summer festival run, with more live appearances confirmed in Australia before making their return to European stages in early 2024 on the GLORY AND THE BEAST double headline tour with Beast In Black.

“Sword Lord of the Goblin Horde” doesn’t hold anything back – diving straight into action right away with catchy, chanting choir-backed vocals. As the massive power metal track proceeds, GLORYHAMMER vocalist Sozos Michael is able to truly showcase his versatility between skillful guitar parts and hard-hitting drums. Continuing the series of action-packed, cartoon-like music videos, the animated lyric video provides striking visuals to support the exciting storyline of the song.

“Uk gruk! Yarbag uznaga glopakh! Ghash nuu’ruk KHAH-GLORIHAMMER’AZ thargas krug shara-muruk snaga yaruk hoshubûrz dûluk! Bolg dâr shara “TAZ’DAX GOTH’GUL DA URUK GRUM’GAR”, ogh jukh dash khûrzum nulurzuz dâr ash mug!”

Watch the lyric video for “Sword Lord Of The Goblin Horde” HERE:

In the not-so-distant Kingdom of Fife, there lies a band like no other. GLORYHAMMER embodies the very essence of power metal and epic fantasy, with a sound so majestic and grandiose that it could only be the work of the gods themselves. Led by the manifestation of extreme trumpet-chaos in battle-mode, GLORYHAMMER has been waging a never-ending fight against the forces of Zargothrax since their formation in 2010.

With their soaring hyper-melodies, multitudinous orchestra-explosions and thunderous nano-guitar riffs, they have become the undisputed champions of the power metal scene, drawing in legions of fans from across the galaxy with their epic tales of intergalactic warfare, cosmic sorcery, and heroic deeds. It has been four years since the band’s last release, but the wait is finally over for another massive onslaught of power metal greatness.

With the journey back to Fife, Return to the Kingdom of Fife starts with trumpeting horns to lead them into battle, before jumping straight into “Holy Flaming Hammer of the Unholy Cosmic Frost”, telling the tale of reclaiming the lost Kingdom with the use of the mighty and majestic Holy Flaming Hammer. But the evil wizard has laid waste all over the Kingdom after the devastating war of Dundee, forming the nuclear wasteland of “Imperium Dundaxia”. Crossing through the diseased Kingdom, the mighty Hootsman and his warriors ride on nuclear motorbikes as the “Wasteland Warrior Hoots Patrol” fights goblins and controls the law of the land. The Grandmaster Proletius leads his “Brothers of Crail” to fight together and defeat the evil wizard Zargothrax. Rising to the occasion, the brave prince Angus McFife brings together warriors from across the land to fight in the name of “Fife Eternal”! Onwards on their journey, the mighty heroes must cross through the Dwarven Caverns and defeat the “Sword Lord of the Goblin Horde” to ignite the path to retrieve the legendary weapon known as the “Vorpal Laserblaster of the Pittenweem”…but our heroes are too late, for the weapon has been stolen by a great force of evil! The great journey comes to its climax as the evil sorcerer and master of nightmares, Zargothrax, wields ungodly power as the “Keeper of the Celestial Flame of Abernethy”, and the group of mighty warriors come together in one final attempt vanquish the evil double wizards from the Kingdom of Fife in “Maleficus Geminus (Colossus Matrix 38B – Ultimate Invocation of the Binary Thaumaturge)”.

This is an album for the ages – power metal shines brighter than ever on the thrilling and action-packed Return to the Kingdom of Fife!

GLORYHAMMER on the album:
“Hoots! We are proud to teleport you all to as-of-yet unknown mountaintops of extreme-trumpet-confoundry with this new opus! Several orchestras were maimed during the production process, which we think reflects adequately in the hyper-sonic nano-recordings we have inscribed on disc for you to peruse. Many battles await!”

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Return To The Kingdom Of Fife Tracklist:

  1. Incoming Transmission
  2. Holy Flaming Hammer of Unholy Cosmic Frost
  3. Imperium Dundaxia
  4. Wasteland Warrior Hoots Patrol
  5. Brothers of Crail
  6. Fife Eternal
  7. Sword Lord of the Goblin Horde
  8. Vorpal Laserblaster of Pittenweem
  9. Keeper of the Celestial Flame of Abernethy
  10. Maleficus Geminus (Colossus Matrix 38B – Ultimate Invocation of the Binary Thaumaturge)

CD 2 contains the orchestral version of Return To The Kingdom Of Fife.

Return To The Kingdom Of Fife is available in the following formats:
Wooden Deluxe Box (2-CD Digipak, 7” Single for “Fly Away”, Cards + Dice + Flag + Collector’s Card)
2-LP Gatefold Marbled
2-LP Gatefold Black
2-CD Digipak + Shirt
2-CD Digipak

Experience GLORYHAMMER Live!

Festival Dates:
13.08.23 BE – Alcatraz / Kortrijk
15.08.23 AT – Dornbirn / Conrad Sohm
16.08.23 DE – Burglenfeld / VAZ
17.08.23 CZ – Rock Castle / Moravsky Kumlov
18.08.23 DE – Koblenz / Festung Ehrenbreitstein
19.08.23 NL – Dynamo Metalfest / Eindhoven
20.08.23 CH – Rock The Lakes / Lake Morat
15.09.23 Baltic Sea – Full Metal Cruise / Kiel

*with Rumahoy + Livewire

02.11.23 AU – Lion Arts Factory / Adelaide
03.11.23 AU – Max Watts Melbourne / Melbourne
04.11.23 AU – Crowbar Sydney / Leichhardt*
05.11.23 AU – The Basement Canberra / Belconnen*
07.11.23 AU – Triffid / Newstead*


10.01.24 SE – Stockholm, Arenan Fryshuset
11.01.24 NO – Oslo, Sentrum Scene
12.01.24 DK – Roskilde, Epic Fest
13.01.24 DE – Hamburg, Edel Optics Arena
14.01.24 NL – Tilburg, 013 Poppodium
16.01.24 CH – Zurich, Volkshaus
17.01.24 IT – Milan, Alcatraz
19.01.24 DE – Munich, TonHalle
20.01.24 HU – Budapest, Barba Negra Red Stage
21.01.24 CZ – Zlin, Sports Hall Datart
23.01.24 AT – Vienna, Gasometer
24.01.24 PL – Krakow, Studio
26.01.24 DE – Leipzig, Haus Auensee
27.01.24 DE – Oberhausen, Turbinenhalle
28.01.24 DE – Wiesbaden, Schlachthof
30.01.24 FR – Paris, Olympia
01.02.24 BE – Brussels, Ancienne Belgique
02.02.04 DE – Geiselwind, Eventhalle
03.02.04 DE – Stuttgart, Wagenhallen
04.02.04 DE – Saarbrücken, Garage
06.02.04 UK – London, O2 Forum Kentish Town

Sozos Michael (Angus McFife) – Vocals
Paul Templing (Ser Proletius) – Guitars
James Cartwright (The Hootsman) – Bass
Michael Barber (Zargothrax) – Keyboards
Ben Turk (Ralathor) – Drums

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