Pop punk outfit “ON HIGH” set to drop new single “Alive”

Pop punk outfit “ON HIGH” set to drop new single “Alive” alongside superhero inspired music video


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On April 12th, pop punk outfit ON HIGH are set to drop their latest single and video for “Alive”, and it’ll hit you right in your nostalgic pop punk feels! Fusing propulsive punk energy, stadium-size pop prowess, alternative sizzle, and a ball-busting sense of humor, ON HIGH play the soundtrack to the best night of your life. 

“Alive is about the struggle to get over lost love and the push and pull of cognitive dissonance from within that perspective. Being aware that a situation is out of your control bundled with intentional ignorance can cascade into more heartbreak. Sometimes, we wish people would be “better”. The dirty superhero theme showcases how as clean as we want our inner voices to be, we must accept that we are all imperfect. The line “nobody gets me high, but on a brighter side tonight I think that I’m alive…” is pointing out my realization that nobody is responsible for my happiness except myself – a truth the darker side of me didn’t want to subscribe to. (Sam Boxold, vocalist) “ON HIGH” started from the idea of making what we wanted without any outside influences, this is the first time we get to be us, just our uniquely flawed human selves. No big producers, labels, managers or whatever telling us we have to be a certain way, look a certain way, or be anything besides ourselves. We wanted to make a project where we didn’t have to feel like we needed to please anyone or make something because we are told too. “ON HIGH” is our opportunity to create what we want and be who we want.” 

Collectively, the band has been part of successful projects from multiple genres working with industry power houses like John Feldmann, Zakk Cervini, Ashton Irwin, Calum Hood and Travis Barker. The band includes Sam Boxold [vocals, guitar], Alex Lofton [bass], and Andy Ackroyd [drums]. 


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