Poland’s Finest Export Of Pop Punk/Skate Punk CF98 Release New Album ‘This Is Fine’ On September 2nd via SBÄM Records

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Poland’s Finest Export Of Pop Punk/Skate Punk CF98 Releasing New Album ‘This Is Fine’

On September 2nd via SBÄM Records / Sound Speed Records

Album Produced by Ishay Berger – Guitarist of Useless ID

“…a ball of frenetic energy…”- DyingScene

“as energetic as it is melodic.”- If It’s Too Loud

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Photo: Adam Mikołajczyk

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CF98 are Poland’s finest export of Pop Punk and Skate Punk! The band has played on numerous punk festivals like Punk Rock Holiday, and they’re gearing up to release their new album ‘This Is Fine’ on September 2nd via SBÄM Records.

Stream the latest single “Plot Twist” here: https://bfan.link/plot-twist

Stream The “Plot Twist” video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rRaBDP4UVNQ.

Order the album here: shop.sbam.rocks

Upcoming shows:

SUN, OCT 23 – Stary Klasztor – Wroclaw, Poland (with Less Than Jake)


Karolina Duszkiewicz, vocal

Mateusz Poznański, guitar

Michał Kurzyk, bass

Rafał Mianowicz, drums

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Screen Shot 2022-08-25 at 3.09.02 PM

Track Listing:

01 – Intro

02 – Double Sunrise

03 – She Doesn’t Like

04 – Catastrophist

05 – Plot Twist

06 – Clever

07 – Better Than Cocaine

08 – Love Is Never Wrong

09 – Sad But True

10 – I’m So Tired

11 – Fuck You

12 – Infinity Stones

13 – Get Old Nicely

14 – One Day At A Time


Female fronted CF98 brings energetic melodic punk rock, positive attitude and friendship wherever they go. They’ve been rocking for almost 17 years, faithful to the roots and big skate punk love with huge amount of music ambition and energy. They love to make fast, melodious, mostly positive songs with “love life” message that will make you reconsider some serious social topics, sing along or will put a smile on your face.

CF98 was founded in 2003 in Kraków, Poland and released five full length albums and 2 EPs. Their latest achievement as they love to put out new music is the EP “Dead Inside” in 2020 which was released worldwide through Sound Speed Records (USA). For the first time CF98 produced their songs with legendary Ishay Berger – guitarist of Useless ID and they can’t be more proud and excited about it.

They spent the whole 2021 to write new songs, produced them again together with Ishay and recorded in one of the greatest polish rock studios: Heinrich House Studio. The album “This Is Fine” will be out in September 2022 thanks to Sbam Records (AT) along with Sound Speed again.

The band toured all over Europe and Japan and did support shows for bands like Satanic Surfers, Ignite, Bad Religion, Billy Talent, H2O, Good Riddance, Cigar, Useless ID, Chaser, Anti Flag and Death by Stereo. They were part of big festivals like Mighty Sounds in Czech Republic, Punk Rock Holiday in Slovenia, Out Of Step in Netherlands and SBÄM Fest in Austria. Soon they will be part of KNRD Fest and Manchester Punk Festival.

CF98 stands for Californium, which is a radioactive chemical element with the symbol Cf and atomic number 98 and can be used to start up nuclear reactors. The band is ready to bring that “girls to the front” message, hard work passion and to turn on your inner positive reactor. “Life makes you a fighter!”

CF98 wouldn’t be a band without friendship of: Karolina (vocal), Mati (guitar), Michał (bass) and Rafał (drums since 2021)