plxntkid Shares New Track “all my friends” Ft. Lil Lotus



“all my friends” FEAT. LIL LOTUS



Since signing to Epitaph Records in 2021, [plxntkid] continues to master the art of combining hip-hop tendencies, pop-rock melodies, and heart-on-sleeve lyrics for an irresistible package” idobi Radio

Today, plxntkid (23-year-old Anders Aakerhus) is sharing the new single “all my friends” featuring Epitaph labelmate, LA-based Lil Lotus. The track follows the raw emotion of “parasite” released last month which dealt with the harsh side-effects of anti-depressants. Over a dynamic trap beat and metalcore riffs, “all my friends” delves deeper into a specific adverse reaction: the bleak reality of suicidal thoughts.

In this song I say, “All my friends wanna die, why?” – asking if it’s due to mental illness OR the antidepressants exacerbating the pain,” plxntkid states. “Working with Lil Lotus was an amazing opportunity for me, I’ve listened to his music for years and when I realized that we were on the same label, I knew we had to do something together. This is the product of that!

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plxntkid grew up in the small town of Verdal in Norway, two and a half hours from the nearest big city.  It was through this isolation that his creative persona was born, turning to music as an outlet for his anxiety and depression. “It gave me somewhere to talk about [it],” he reflects on finding community online via Soundcloud where he was able to start making music anonymously using the pseudonym plxntkid. “A big part of coping is my music; I think it’s unlikely I would be making music if I didn’t have these problems. Writing lyrics about what is going on in my head is the best therapy for me.”

plxntkid’s lyrical vulnerability has resonated with peers and garnered attention from a burgeoning online fanbase. His Epitaph debut EP, 7650 VERDAL was released in 2021 and with more than 9 million global streams overall, plxntkid is building momentum, infusing trap beats with emo and pop punk influences and captivating riffs.


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