Pkew Pkew Pkew Release New Album ‘Siiick Days’ via Stomp Records



Album Art: Kenny Lenzi | Photo: Phill Lee



Pop-punk band of party-loving delinquents Pkew Pkew Pkew have officially dropped their new album, Siiick Days, via Stomp Records. Recorded over 10 days in Asbury Park by Pete Steinkopf from The Bouncing Souls, stream Siiick Days in full now via your preferred platform. Following previously released singles “The Dumbest Thing I Ever Done,” “The Night John Buck Hit Three Home Runs” and their accompanying music videos, Pkewx3 have also shared new visuals for the record’s “Farside Bathroom.” Watch + share now on YOUTUBE.

Sometimes you wanna go where everybody knows your name. And they’re always glad you came. And they have a nice, large, and private bathroom that you can lock yourself away in when you’re feeling socially overwhelmed, which believe it or not, happens to me a lot. This isn’t the only song I’ve written in that bathroom. 

– lead singer/guitarist Mike Warne on “Farside Bathroom”

While their last album (Open Bar – Dine Alone 2022) was written prior to 2020, its release was intended to provide solace – a time capsule of the pre-lockdown days. Siiick Days is about getting back to work – only to call in sick and party instead.  Recently restructured (former lead guitarist/synth player Ryan McKinley left to go live in the mountains but remains a best bud while Kate MacLean joined on guitar/keys/vocals), the band has crafted an incredibly thoughtful, cohesive, introspective and hilariously joyful album. Most of the songs were written in solitary moments walking to the grocery store, riding the subway or hanging out in the Farside bathroom. The opening track, “The Dumbest Thing I Ever Done,” is about Warne having to sell his Playstation after a particularly rough covid-plagued 2020 European tour, which sucked because the world was about to go into lockdown and no video games = no fun.

The rest of the songs, since nothing was happening in the world, came from a place where I was forced to remember important events rather than live and write about them in the moment. “Trooper” is about getting dumped and not handling it well. “Goodnights” is about the shitty parts of the bar scene, which I missed like crazy at the time. “Read Receipts” is about those tough conversations and not wanting to deal with communication at all. “John Buck” was kind of kicking around for a long time. I hope it doesn’t make people sad, it’s actually a pretty happy song for me. And “Hot Tub” is about hanging out on tour with my best friends. – Warne

L-R: Emmett James O’Reilly, David Michael Laino, Kate MacLean, Mike Warne

Photo: Graham Isador

Hailing from Toronto, Pkew Pkew Pkew is a gang of friends who turned hanging out into hanging out and writing songs. Garnering over 10 million Spotify streams, the group have spent the better part of a decade relentlessly touring Canada, the U.S. and Europe alongside bands like The Hold Steady, PUP, Reel Big Fish, The Flatliners and a bunch more. Their song, “Mid 20s Skateboarder,” was featured in the 2020 reboot of Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1 + 2. They have also appeared on Late Night With Seth Meyers and performed at the acclaimed Riot Fest.

With a worrisome amount of touring booked, a buttload of insane videos ready to go and a wicked album full of bangers in the pipe, Pkewx3 are poised to go from underrated to overrated with any luck.


September 22, @ The Mill Restaurant and Inn – Tillsonburg, ON

September 23 @ Cornwall Stamp Co. – Cornwall, ON

September 29 @ Newport Music Hall – Columbus, OH

October 1 @ Musica – Akron, OH

October 2 @ St. Andrew’s Hall – Detroit, MI

October 3 @ Metro – Chicago, IL

October 4 @ First Avenue – Minneapolis, MN

October 6 @ Ogden Theatre – Denver, CO

October 7 @ The Grand at The Complex  – Salt Lake City, UT

October 9 @ Shea’s Tavern – Reno, NV

October 10 @ The Winchester Goose – Chico, CA

October 11 @ Cafe Colonial – Sacramento, CA

October 12 @ Arlene Francis Center for Spirit, Art, and Politics – Santa Rosa, CA

October 13 @ The Wayfarer – Costa Mesa, CA

October 14 @ The Tower Bar – San Diego, CA

October 15 @ Resident – Los Angeles, CA

October 16 @ The Sand Dollar Lounge – Las Vegas, NV

October 18 @ Mona Bar of Modern Art – El Paso, TX

October 19 @ The 13th Floor – Austin, TX

October 20 @ Vice Versa Coffee & Vinyl Records – San Antonio, TX

October 21 @ Sundown at Granada – Dallas, TX

October 22 @ Santos Bar – New Orleans, LA

October 23 @ 926 Bar & Grill – Tallahassee, FL

October 27 @ FEST 2023 – Gainesville, FL

Tickets are available to purchase here.


1. The Dumbest Thing I Ever Done

2. Farside Bathroom

3. Read Receipts

4. Hot Tub or Bust

5. Trooper Cover Band

6. Johan

7. Learning to Share

8. Trespasser on the Tracks

9. Goodnights

10. The Night John Buck Hit Three Home Runs