Pioneers of the late 90s/early 2000s legendary emo scene, TIME SPENT DRIVING (Santa Cruz, CA), Release first LP since 2015

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Pioneers of the late 90s/early 2000s legendary emo scene, Time Spent Driving, Release New LP “Estrangers”

First Full-Length Album Since 2015

“…a band whose name has been synonymous with authentic, heartfelt music since the late 90s. With “Estrangers,” the Santa Cruz outfit proves that the passage of time has only honed their storytelling abilities, each track a testament to their musical evolution and a mirror to the soul’s complexities.”- Idioteq

“Time Spent Driving has long been one of the more underappreciated acts of the late ’90s emo heyday. The band’s upcoming LP Estrangers continues from where the quartet left off with 2015’s Passed & Presence; in other words, the band’s driving, layered emo sound has progressed the way it would if they’d never stopped making music over the past twenty-five years.”- The Alternative

“Harkens to the late 90s glory days of emo and demonstrates that the Bay Area quartet still has it, and in spades. Stabby guitar riffs, pensive lyrics, and big singalong choruses are all utilized to full effect. Elder emos and newcomers to the genre alike are sure to find plenty to love.”- Tuned Up

“Fans of the genre will enjoy this immensely.”- Jersey Beat

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Pioneers of the late 90s/early 2000s legendary emo scene, Time Spent Driving’s new LP, “Estrangers” is a varied journey through the dark corners of the human condition. Expansive, moody, and dynamic, the Santa Cruz, CA band never loses sight of its trademark sound, but it’s one that’s evolved over the years and is always taking on new challenges. The band has always been known for its lyrical prowess, but the latest material reaches new heights when it comes to painting a picture in the mind of the listener. With a brutally honest approach, “Estrangers” manages to deliver some of the best hallmarks of the genre to both satiate the act’s loyal fanbase and engage new listeners.

Stream the music video for “Intents and Purposes” on The Alternative.

Frontman Jon Cattivera says, “On our last album, we had a lot of catching up to do, so we intentionally let things breathe and build, resulting in some often long-winded songs where it made sense. To counter that, I went into the follow-up with a loose goal to write with a more stripped-down and raw approach that might yield something on the shorter and sweeter side. We definitely still integrate our atmospheric tendencies on certain tracks but kept production a little simpler in many cases, perhaps as a nod to some of our earliest work. I just didn’t want to overthink it, and as a result, we went as far as abandoning any bridges on several tracks where it really wasn’t necessary. “Not Just Ink” doesn’t even have a chorus. All of this being said, the ironic part is that it took far too long to write and record. Turns out multiple band members having babies, demanding work schedules, and this little thing called Covid will throw you off a bit.”

Stream the album ‘Estrangers’ HERE.

About Time Spent Driving:

Formed in 1999 in the SF Bay Area, Time Spent Driving’s brand of emotive indie-rock helped to define the era of what many today would call “real” emo.

In 2000, they released their 6-song debut “Walls Between Us”, followed by their phenomenal full-length “Just Enough Bright” in 2002 (Produced by J Robbins). Their music has been released and distributed on Sessions, Doghouse, Deep Elm, Rise, Cardigan, and Lorelei Records. The band gained a loyal following by touring the US and Europe relentlessly, and being featured on Xbox video games “Amp’d Snowboarding” and “Transworld Surf,” soundtracks. They went on an untimely haitus 2003, briefly reconvening in 2005 to release “I’m Your Stab in the Back”, a collection of 7 new songs plus bonus tracks. In 2012 they reformed and put out a new full-length album entitled “Passed and Presence in 2015 with glowing reviews. They’ve since signed with Negative Progression Records and are set to release their new full-length, “Estrangers”, in November 2023.


Formed in 1999 in Santa Cruz, California (The South San Francisco Bay Area), featuring former members of melodic punk/hardcore bands, Fury 66 and Reliance.

Released debut EP “Walls Between Us” on Sessions Records

Released debut LP “Just Enough Bright in 2002 on Sessions Records, produced by J Robbins (Jawbox, Burning Airlines, etc)

Heavy touring in the US, sharing stages with bands like Pop Unknown (Deep Elm), Promise Ring (Jade Tree), Favez, The Casket Lottery (Second Nature) Benton Falls (Deep Elm), Brandston (Deep Elm), Counterfit (NPR), Liar’s Academy (Equal Vision), Metroschifter, Hot Rod Circuit (Vagrant), Moneen (Vagrant), Sunday’s Best (Crank!), and many more.

Toured Europe/Germany with Favez (Doghouse, Switzerland)

Played dates on the Warped Tour and Noise Pop Festivals.

Featured on MTV’s The Real World and Sorority Life soundtracks

Featured on the soundtrack of the 411 Skateboarding video series

Went on an untimely hiatus in 2003, briefly reconvening in 2005, adding Jesse Buglione (of Lag Wagon) on Bass to work on a new album. In the process, the band called it quits and decided to release the 7 new songs they were in the process of recording, along with bonus tracks on “I’m Your Stab in the Back”.

Reformed in 2012, signing with Cardigan Records to release their new album, “Passed and Presence” in 2015.

Released official music video for “Through the Cage” in 2016 along with a Deluxe Version of Passed and Presence featuring two unreleased tracks and two acoustic versions of songs on the album.

Signing with Negative Progression Records, they are set to release their latest LP, “Estrangers” in October of 2023.

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