Paper Tigers Release New Pop-Centric Single ‘Speechless’

Paper Tigers Release New Pop-Centric Single ‘Speechless’


The new single from Paper Tigers, ‘Speechless’ is a defiant affirmation, the refrain of ‘You won’t break me’ is left ringing in your head long after the song ends. Standing up to an unknown oppressor, this rallying cry fills the lungs and explodes out of the speakers. The first release with new drummer James Foy, ‘Speechless’ marks a change in direction and sound for the band; still with the same passion, emotion and energy on previous releases but harnessed and delivered in a new way. The band worked with Jonny Woods (Wynona Bleach) for the release with Jonny bringing a pop sensibility to the track.

“A must hear, Paper Tigers live up to the hype.”

Hot Press

Formed in 2018 by Michael Smyth, Paper Tigers are an alt rock power house. Their sound centres around Michael’s song writing which indiscriminately blends a mix of punk, pop and alt rock influences to create one of the most unique sounds coming out of this country. The band have been cited as ‘The Distillers fronted by Blondie’ or ‘Guitar abuse with pop diva vocals’ somewhere in the middle of those two statements you find the truth. Never more so in most recent single ‘Speechless’ which see’s Michael lean heavier in the pop direction that ever before while still maintaining the ‘punk rock heartbeat’ that drives the band.

2019 saw the band come out swinging, quickly releasing a triad of singles including ‘Gucci Smiles’ and ‘No Ghosts Walk’. The latter of which was used to raise funds for The 343’s mutual aid fund supporting the LBGTQIA+ community during the pandemic and saw a vinyl release on Blowtorch Records ‘This Could Work’ compilation. These singles earned the band nominations for Best Single at the Northern Ireland Music Prize.

 “Each tune sounds stadium level.”


In October 2019 the band released ‘Blue Light Trails’ which YMX heralded as ‘Authentic and a fresh outlook on the genre’. Blue Light Trails was the first single to be taken from their debut EP ‘Graceless’. Following this release the band embarked upon a 6 date UK tour. Fiercely independent this was booked and promoted by Michael using his promotions outlet Old Crows Promotions to promote the tour. ‘Graceless’ followed soon after, a highly emotional song and a massive departure for the band that saw them take down the BPM and focus on melody and emotion. ‘Moloko’ earned Track of the Day from Hot Press ‘Anthemic, heart on your sleeve’. The bands EP ‘Graceless’ was released in April along with a short self-produced documentary on the making of the EP, ‘Some Kind of Tiger’.

‘One of the best indie bands around.’

AnR Factory

To date the band have had plays on iHeartRadio, John Bakers Totally Irish show on 98fm, Dan Hegarty on RTE2fm, RTE2XM, SirusXM and BBC Radio Ulster Across the Line. The band have had press in XSNoize, Chordblossom and Rock N Load, YMX Your Music Experience, Yeo Magazine and Messed Up Magazine. They were included in Rigsy’s Top 50 Irish tracks of 2020 and 2021 in the Daily Mirror. Playlisted by The Golden Plec, Lucy McCourt, She Makes Music and Gig Radar amongst others.

Paper Tigers have supported Wood Burning Savages, Life and Hundredth on their Irish tour dates. The band recently played Climate Craic Festival at Stormont to 2000 people and received UTV coverage as part of this.

Recent line-up changes have saw Hayley and Emma Rose leave to pursue opportunities outside of the band. Michael and James forge on ahead, with a wealth of material written that will see the band take further steps towards a bigger pop-centric sound while still retaining the essence of Paper Tigers, driven by melodic guitars and pounding drums. This Tiger has many stripes.