OnDisplay Release Compelling New Single “Soothe” Alongside Captivating Lyric Video

OnDisplay Release Compelling New Single “Soothe” Alongside Captivating Lyric Video
OnDisplay, the dynamic electro metalcore duo, has unveiled their latest musical endeavor, “Soothe,” complemented by an engaging lyric video. This composition serves as a poignant exploration of personal battles with mental health and substance abuse, guiding listeners through the intricate journey of overcoming obstacles and embracing self-discovery.

Comprising vocalist and guitarist Ryan Kopman and drummer Greg Groothedde, OnDisplay has earned acclaim for their distinct fusion of melodic rock and metalcore, enriched with elements of screamo. Their unique sonic signature continues to captivate audiences with each successive release.

Building upon the success of their debut track, “Stuck,” in October 2023, OnDisplay maintains their commitment to authenticity and the exploration of substantive themes in their music. This dedication positions them as influential figures in the electronic rock and post-hardcore landscape.

Fans can immerse themselves in the emotional depth of “Soothe” through its lyric video, promising a visually compelling experience that harmonizes with the track’s intense emotions.

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The creative genesis of “Soothe” began at one of the bands rehearsal sessions with Ryan exploring a dynamic opening guitar riff, which triggered a compelling beat by Greg. As the band refined a captivating hook riff, experimentation with synths and vocals ensued, culminating in the creation of the main vocal hook during studio sessions. Reflecting on the recording process, the band shares, “We prefer to demo everything, utilising our private studio to capture fresh ideas as they come. We dedicated a lot of time to perfecting the structure of ‘Soothe,’ and once we were satisfied, we entrusted it to our friend Robin Adams, who added the final touches.”

Excitingly, OnDisplay is set to release their inaugural music video for “Soothe” in early December 2023. To ensure you don’t miss this significant event, subscribe to the OnDisplay YouTube channel.

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