Oceans Ate Alaska // InVisions // Resolve // Kubrick // Live Review // The Asylum // Birmingham

After a couple of quiet months due to the festival season, I’m finally back doing what I love. What I love is shooting sweaty gigs in cool venues, and tonight’s show is Birmingham Metalcore act Oceans Ate Alaska at the Asylum with support from Kubrick, Resolve and InVisions.

Kubrick was up first, but due to some incredibly unfortunate technical issues starting within seconds that ate up roughly 20 minutes of his set time meant he had to cut his set down purely to two songs. This is an unfortunate side effect of bands beginning to use more and more technology in their sets, it’s easier for things to go completely wrong. I’ve got to give Kubrick credit for doing everything in his power to try and get a set out for those in attendance and resolve the issues. After an incredibly long fight, the band finally had a victory and managed to belt out two songs, giving their all and getting the crowd fully on their side. Hopefully, I’ll get to see Kubrick again soon, as the little I did get to hear was damn good.



Up next were Resolve, who travelled over from France for the tour and God damn, French metalcore is truly on another level. Within moments the crowd were in a frenzy thanks to the crushing riffs and onslaught of heaviness that flooded the airwaves. My personal highlights were Emerald Skies and Of Silk and Straw, especially with OSAS’s acoustic opening, songs like that always grab my attention so easily. If you’ve not given Resolve a shot yet, I can’t recommend them enough. I had the pleasure of meeting a couple of the members later in the night and they were both lovely too, I can’t wait till they’re back.



The main support for the night was York-based Metalcore quartet InVisions who wasted no time in laying waste to the venue and all those in attendance. From demonic lows and screams, to absolutely monstrous riffs, all in the building (and a 5-mile radius, god they were loud) got to witness a ridiculous tight performance that blew me away. It’s been an incredibly long time since a band I’ve never heard of has stolen a show so quickly for me and I cannot wait to catch these guys live again soon. A perfect set up for the headline act and a hard one to follow.



After a short change over, the crowd went silent as the lights dimmed before the headline act, Birmingham’s own Oceans Ate Alaska hit the stage with a fury and passion I’ve not witnessed in a long time. What proceeded was a set that appeared to effortlessly flow like water down a hill as a barrage of breakdowns, chunky riffs and catchy choruses filled my ears. With the crowd tightly wrapped around their fingers, OAA were at home on that stage and played one of the best headline sets I’ve seen in a damn long time.

At the end of the night, I headed for the bus back home and just felt happy. Happy to be seeing bands excelling at what they do best, spread joy through ridiculously heavy music. I urge everyone to see all 4 of these acts live as soon as they get chance, you won’t be disappointed, I sure as hell wasn’t.




Review & Photography: Dan Stapleton

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