NYC Hardcore Punk Insurgents JUNTA Announce Pulverizing Self-Titled Debut Full-Length Album

NYC Hardcore Punk Insurgents Announce Pulverizing Self-Titled Debut Full-Length Album – Track Premiered at DIY Conspiracy.

We’re proud to announce the imminent release of the obliterating debut self-titled album by NYC dark hardcore punk dissidents Junta, slated for a January 26 2024 release date on LP, digital and cassette formats worldwide via Sentient Ruin.

The release has been announced in collaboration with iconic European punk zine DIY Conspiracy who in premiering the opening track “Mi Violencia” have remarked that “the upcoming eleven-track album is a powerful statement of social upheaval and dissent, reflecting the band’s deep connection to marginalized and indigenous communities fragmented by segregation and injustice. It’s a raw and intense manifesto of struggle that blends hardcore punk aggression with the poetry of the dispossessed, embodying both idealism and stark realpolitik in their music.“ – you can check out the feature and track HERE.

Raw hardcore punk insurgents Junta arise from the concrete purgatory of New York City with their pulverizing debut self-titled full-length offering, a twenty-minute incursion of blistering upheaval and caustic retaliation. This dark document of crystalline urban terror introduces the NYC four-piece at the height of their rage as they emanate a grim edict against imperialism, genocide, capitalism and social injustice. Junta’s uncompromising and militant vision has been known for years in New York City, frequently manifesting with benefit shows across the city aimed at the empowerment and defense of the city’s vibrant multicultural underground to which they belong and have committed unconditional militancy. The self-titled eleven-track weapon of social unrest and abject refusal represents the band’s sense of belonging and commitment to a social fabric torn by segregation and injustice and their strenuous combat against powers much larger than themselves which has resulted in a bleak manifesto of cultural warfare. The work encompasses the most bitter aspects of idealism and realism, with this ambivalent concept animating a raw onslaught of blown out, dissonant hardcore aggression interwoven with passages of poetry and spoken word that define and exalt an existence spent at the forefront of struggle and in a perpetual fight for enlightenment and retribution.