NOUVEAU ARCADE release cover of 21 Pilots’ ‘Jumpsuit’

Nouveau Arcade covers Twenty One Pilots’
“Jumpsuit” (feat. KJ Sawka)
New album ‘Dead Hearts’ drops July 20, 2023


“We’re all in danger” proclaims the latest Industrial Post Punk release from Nouveau Arcade. “Jumpsuit” featuring acclaimed Pendulum drummer KJ Sawka is a cover of the lead single from Twenty One Pilots fifth album Trench. Fierce and fast-paced packed with heavy guitars, ethereal synths, and steady electronic rhythms, Nouveau Arcade once again proves they won’t be pushed into a single genre by heading into heavier territory. The original thoughtful lyrics are pushed to the forefront by an aggressive screaming vocal performance. Nouveau Arcade delivers yet another driving single showcasing just how wide their range of talent extends.

Seattle duo Nouveau Arcade have announced their album Dead Hearts is now available for pre-order and will drop on June 2, from FiXT.

Not content to fit into a box, Nouveau Arcade‘s first album Dead Hearts is an amalgam of genres, featuring everything from Synthwave and Cyberpunk to modern Alternative Rock and Pop, Industrial and Goth, and even a dash of EDM and dubstep. Tracks such as “Run Boy, Run” featuring a heavy drum performance from renowned Pendulum drummer KJ Sawka, show that they are not afraid to dive into heavier territory with industrial metal and succeed. “Hard Times” is a prime example of the beauty of synthpop with its shimmering synthesizers and chill atmosphere, while “Choose Your Fighter” takes on a more ominous feel, with a pulsing Midtempo soundscape.

With many tracks written during the pandemic Dead Hearts is an infinitely complex album dealing with adversity, loss, getting through rough times, and living in a constant state of fear. The album also includes their own take on the iconic Garbage single “Only Happy When It Rains.” and a cover on Twenty One Pilot’s “Jumpsuit” (feat. KJ Sawka). Other appearances from vocalist Keira Verlee and electronic artist Signal Void round out a cast of performances across intricately designed soundscapes and pristine production.

Releases from Dead Hearts have received support across multiple platforms, with “Choose Your Fighter” and “Stronger Now” receiving placements on Yandex’s Dancefloor and “Choose Your Fighter” also featured on the Behind The Gamepad playlist. “Die On Me,”  “Hard Times,” and “Only Happy When It Rains” earned placements on  Yandex’s Alternative lists. Their cover of “Only Happy When It Rains” also scored a placement on the Persistent Bad Weather playlist.

Nouveau Arcade are prepared to make their mark on the world combining elements of the nostalgic past and the electric future, with a wide array of eclectic influences in between. Nouveau Arcade doesn’t just think outside the box, they smash it creating a whole new shape from which they create their own unique vision.

The duo, hailing from Seattle, Washington, consists of Kevin Preston and Len Hotrum, long-time collaborators who have known each other for the better part of two decades. have a notable history together. Their project The Crying Spell, toured with well-known bands including Killing Joke, Julien-K, VAST, and played shows alongside Thriving Ivory, Filter, and The Birthday Massacre and opening for Nico Vega, Avenged Sevenfold, Sevendust, Three Days Grace, and Godsmack. The Crying Spell also performed an NFL halftime show for the Seattle Seahawks after receiving strong fan support, and they were the winner of MTV’s Freshman Four competition.

With Nouveau Arcade, the duo have expanded their sound into an electro-rock retro-futuristic hybrid style  – somewhere between familiar dark synth influences à la Depeche Mode, or The Cure, David Bowie, and contemporary hybrid electro Rock with elements of Muse, M83, Health, metric, Gunship, joywave. Kevin and Len have named the result “Modwave.” Combining the pair’s admirable creative background and diverse songwriting skills with their collaborator Stefan Scherperel’s expertise in photography and music videos, Nouveau Arcade is soon to be one of the most talked-about acts in music today.

KJ Sawka has been playing drums and producing for over 28 years. He has done extensive work with countless artists such as BT, Amon Tobin, Andy Summers of the Police, and Illenium and created the first contestant-band to perform on American Idol with 2010 runner-up Blake Lewis; he has played numerous TV shows such as Craig Ferguson, Jimmy Kimmel, and Ellen Degeneres to name a few. He has been at the forefront of music production, and drum technology and has taken many producers to the main stages with electronic/live technology and connectivity. “Widely recognized for his work as a member of renowned electronic music super-groups, Pendulum, Destroid, and Everything Must Go, KJ Sawka is undoubtedly one of the most illustrious, and respected figures in the industry today, with a unique ability to push the boundaries of dance music and foster innovation in the scene.”

“Jumpsuit” is out now from FiXT.

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