Nile // Krisiun // In Element // Decrepid // Vile Nilotic Rites Tour // Live Review // The Garage // London

On a dark, wet & gloomy Sunday in Highbury, the last thing you would think of is blazing hot Egyptian death metal. But we are here!

First up on stage is the London-based Decrepid. Self Proclaimed old school death metal & they are just that. From the opening note, they ooze the old school. Thick but thrashing guitar tones by guitarists Chris Mansfield & Danny Price.

Both are total shredders & fantastic lead players. Vocalist Cris Bassan shines through on this set, some huge screams come bellowing out of his mouth & give that classic Death & Obituary sound. Non-stop this set is fantastic & a great showcase of what London has to offer in the death metal scene & a brilliant representation!

Brazilian titans Krisiun are next up & they are a band I’ve waited eagerly to see. When reviewing their newest album “Mortem Solis” i couldn’t wait to experience their live show & I got to tonight.

Opening up tonight’s set with a bang “Kings of Killing” is like a nuclear bomb. As the band starts the moshpit is already full of violence and doesn’t stop.

Followed by “Swords Into Flesh” from the band’s latest album is great to hear live & even more brutal tonight. The most notable thing about the band’s set is how ungodly drummer Max Kolesne is. Never missing one note, blast beats at full force. Max is a drummer lover’s wet dream. 100% death metal machine.

At the halfway mark there is no show of slowing down from the band or the audience. In between songs the crowd are chanting the band’s name over and over. You can tell London has much love for Krisiun & it shows. “Vengeance’s Revelation” brings a nice groove section to the set, the closest you’ll get to a breather this track goes over so well & is now my favourite of the bands right now.

Closing out with “Hatred Inherit” a full on riff machine Moyses Kolesne shows how flawless his playing is while headbanging & windmilling his hair at a breakneck pace. A brutal track to close out a superb set! I hope the band will return to the UK again soon!

Now for the main event. The almighty Nile.

As the lights dim & the bands intro music begins setting the stage for the annihilation that is about to come. The titan of “Sacrifice Unto Sebek” starts and a sea of bodies start moving and pumping fists are flying. The crowd is hungry for Nile!

“Sing this one if you know the words! Kafir!” vocalist & guitarist Scott Eames shouts. As the crowd chants “There is no god! There is no god” you can feel the energy in the room become even more electric. Nile are one of those bands that even on a band night can out play everyone off the stage so seeing the band at full force & at maximum force tonight is somewhat biblical.

“Long Shadows of Dread” from the band’s last album “Vile Nilotic Rites” shows even with a discography nine albums deep they can still create some of the best riffs & vocal melodies in the band’s history. A fast paced & chaotic track with blasing slows from both the legendary Karl Sanders & Scott.

Closing out the set with the iconic “Black Seeds of Vengeance” is the perfect final bow for the band, no encore but brutal death metal.

As crowd chants along with the band on the final lyrics they give every last drop of energy & the band do the same. This is one of the best performances I’ve seen in 2022. Not only for the seer technical side of the band but what such an amazing show the band put on.

Tonight shows why the crown is firmly planted upon Niles head as the best touring band of the band for 10 years!

Review: Joseph Mitchell

A BIG thank you to Kerri Clarke @ Exposing Shadows & James Loveday @ The Distortion Project for coverage of the Belfast Show also.