Necrophagous // In Chaos Ascend // Album Review


If ever you wondered what the result would be if you combine Visceral Bleeding and Entrails, wonder no more. Necrophagous is made up of Tommy Carlsson (Visceral Bleeding, ex-Entrails) on vocals & guitar, Jocke Svensson (ex-Entrails) on bass and Martin Michaelsson (ex-Entrails) on the drums. The result is something that is as blunt forced as it is surgical, combing crushing Old School Death Metal with some influences of Tech Death guitar work.

As the gurgling intro fades, get yourself ready for some fast riffing and bludgeoning drum work that is topped off by a gloriously abrasive vocal. You experience something powerfully disturbing as ‘Order Of The Lion’ rips your face off and throws acid on the remains. You will feel every part aspect of the instrumental assault with the vocal being the salt thrown on top.

If you make it out of ‘Order Of The Lion’ then ‘At Dawn Thee Immolate’ is waiting to pick up and beat the bone marrow out of you. Feeling like you have a hammer drill abusing your skull, you can’t help but get drawn in by the chugging filth that Necrophagous create.

The constant riffage keeps the direction of the abuse moving whilst the thick bass tone provides a constant vibration like a whacker plate against your spine, that will destroy any arthritic joints and create so many more. The lead guitar takes a precise attack on the nerves, each one being targeted with a razor sharp needles making you feel like you’ve fallen into a vat of glass fragments.

The intensity that this band manage keep you under is as impressive as it is heavy so when this is combined with all the other factors you will experience, the outcome is a blistering way to start 2022.

In Chaos Ascend is the album that crushes the new year from the start and will continue to do so all year. It also set the standard ridiculously high for anyone else in the Death Metal arena for the remainder of the year. I hope that every fan of modern or old school Death Metal give this a spin. This questionable lovechild from the two genres is vicious.

Necrophagous have created an absolute monster that is going to be in many nightmares and destroy the memories of 2021.

In Chaos Ascend will be released January 7th 2022 via Transcending Obscurity Records.

Ed Ford



Track list

1.The Binding
2.Order Of The Lion
3.At Dawn Thee Immolate
4.Traitors And The Pendulum
5.In Chaos, Ascend
6.Wolf Mother
7.Blood On The Stone Of Thee Monuments
8.The Vile Embalmed
9.The Plague And The Arts
10.Horns Of Seven
11.Wreaker of Pain


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