NDGO Release Single ‘I See You’

NDGO Release Compelling Track ‘I See You’

Stream ‘I See You’ Here
NDGO (pronounced indigo), based out of Corpus Christi/San Antonio Texas, combine influences from 90’s pop, R&B, and hard rock to create a distinctive and enticing sound. The new single, ‘I See You’, delivers an earnest human perspective on the migrant crisis and trafficking affecting children around the world.

Hector Longoria comments on ‘I See You’:

“Don’t be afraid to stand for what is right, the world really needs you right about now. We are many and can stand as one.

‘I See You’ was written in April of 2020 and produced by Josh Landry after a discussion we had about how many children go missing without a trace and how it is a topic many people prefer to avoid. This inspired us to be the change. While in the dark confined makeshift vocal booth we built in Sidney’s extra rooms closet, I became emotional. My imagination had set me in a time and place where I was the victim of said horrors. This made it difficult to track vocals but gave me the edge to perform what this single required.

We’ve yet to play this song live but the times that I’ve performed it in the comfort of my own home, has always been a struggle due to the emotions and rage I am overcome with. The meaning behind this is simple, the horrors of missing children is very real. Make yourself aware of this dark situation that has plagued our planet for centuries. Knowledge is the key to a better way of life.”

Stream the track here: https://distrokid.com/hyperfollow/ndgo/i-see-you

NDGO Line-Up:
Hector Longoria, lead vocalist
Jeremy Garcia, drummer

Single credits:
Written by: NDGO & Josh Landry
Produced by: Josh Landry
Mixed & Mastered by: Lee Rouse
Performed by: NDGO
Photo Left to Right – Dave Williams, Hector Longoria and Jeremy Garcia
Photo credit: Tyler Slatton