Munly & The Lupercalians – new LP + world tour

Welcome to the fascinating and magical world of musician, lyricist and writer  Munly J. Munly 32nd˚
Originating  from  local  DIY punk  roots, Munly  has become  an  influential  and visually striking fixture  in the Denver  arts  community for over 30 years.   As lead  songwriter & vocalist   of Slim Cessna’s Auto Club, DBUK and Munly & the Lupercalians,  the   lyricist and writer  has been  prolifically creating and performing  locally and worldwide,  generating a  cult following and   reputation. Within all  of Munly’s current  work  & projects, he    unites   hundreds  of fully developed characters in the   constantly morphing world  of
Lupercalia.  His various work sonically & visually explores  an apocalyptic land burned down to the ground. This  new  music project  Munly & the Lupercalians  uniquely  utilizes the sounds of acoustic guitar to create  a spectrum of doom  while simultaneously  enlightening   a path of fascination  into  the magic territories of Lupercalia. As accompanying  musicians, Munly utilizes actual characters  of Lupercalia   as his band.
Initially released as a  limited vinyl edition for  fans only, this Munly & the Lupercalians album “Kinnery Of Lupercalia; Undelivered Legion”  is finally officially coming out via SCACUNINCORPORATED on August, the 26th supported  by two special September 2022  record release shows in USA  and a full   October  2022 tour in Europe. This  record  is t release number one   of three that will form  triptych  of tales about his created world of Lupercalia on SCACUNINCORPORATED record label; after this  Munly & the Lupercalians  album (#1), the additional  releases will   be  performed by his other  projects- Slim Cessna’s Auto Club (#2) and th DBUK (#3). Each album spins the tales and stories of various characters within Munly J Munly 32nd˚’s fictional world of the ’Kinnery of Lupercalia’
While discussing   his early  career, Munly J Munly 32nd˚explains: “I love A. A. Milne, but I have found that is not my voice. What faltering voice I have found is drawn towards unsavory situations, malevolent characters, uncompromising settings.” – while also creating similar  eclectic lyrical characters to Milne, Munly’s creativity does  differentiate   ]s his process  however.
“I normally write in the first person” – further explains Munly: “But this does not mean I am the first person. I do love a few of my characters, however, I would not tolerate the majority of these abhorrence’s if they were real. And that is the crux. Many of these beings are not fiction in this world, for a portion of the human race they have been a dominating presence.”
Pre-orders for “Kinnery Of Lupercalia; Undelivered Legion” are available here:
The posters of the world-tour supporting the release available here.
Also, dates is text:
0/1/22  Waardamme, BE- Cowboy Up
10/2/22  Antwerpen,  BE- TRIX
 10/4/22  Valencia, ES- Loco Club
10/5/22  Madrid, ES- Wurlitzer Ballroom
10/6/22  A Coruna, ES- Garufa
10/7/22  Santander, ES- Niagra
10/8/22  Barcelona, ES- Le Textil
10/11/22  Zurich, CH- El Lokal
10/12/22  Schaffhausen, CH- TapTab
 10/13/22  Bologna, IT- Circolo Dev
10/14/22  Ebensee, AT – Kino 
10/15/22  Skofja, SI – Pri rdeci ostringi
10/16/22  Wien, AT – Chelsea
10/17/22  Budapest, HU-  Robot 
10/18/22 .  Zagreb, HR,  Mocvara
10/19/22  Belgrade, SI- KC Grad 
10/20/22  Brataslava, SK – FUGA
10/21/22    Krakow, PL Southern Discomfort
10/22/22  Warsaw, PL- Klub Hydrozagadka
10/24/22   Brno, CZ- Kabinet Múz
10/25/22  Prague, CZ- Meetfactory-
10/26/22  Dresden, DE- Groovstation
 10/27/22  Berlin, DE- Badehaus
 10/28/22  Bielefeld, DE- Forum
10/29/22  Paris, F-  The Backstage
 10/30/22  Haarlem, NL- Patronaat