Decibel has premiered the forthcoming self-titled 4-way split, featuring Mourn The Light, Ice Howl, High Priest, and Archdruid! Stream it now ahead of

its Friday release at:

“It’s time to storm the castle and bang your head. Comrades from the North American power doom scene have united on a four-band split of

heavy metal sorcery.”

– Decibel

In other exciting news, Mourn the Light and Ice Howl have been confirmed for Chicago’s Legions of Metal Festival, which will be held

May 3rd and 4th, 2024 at Reggies!

Four hungry bands from the New Wave of Traditional Heavy Metal underground, each taking a different approach and putting their own spin on doom, have come together to showcase new material in the form of a nine-song split album! Featuring Mourn The Light, High Priest, Ice Howl, and Archduid, the self-titled album will be independently released on November 24 and available from each of the bands on CD, vinyl, cassette,

and digital formats.


Leading the charge on the split is Connecticut’s Mourn The Light with two new songs in “We Are the Light” and “No One Gets Out Alive.” Highlighted by the band’s signature catchy hooks and crushing riffs, the new songs see the band further expanding its hybrid of doom, power metal and NWOTHM soundscapes, never completely sticking to one style but always evolving

and progressing.

Since its inception in 2017, Mourn The Light has played stages far and wide in the heavy metal underground, including festivals such as the Stormbringer Metal Festival, SXSW Stoner Jam 19, New England Stoner and Doom Festival and RPM Festival, and has embarked on tours covering large portions of both the United States and Canada. In 2020, the band signed a worldwide deal with Argonauta Records in Italy and has since released a full-length album in 2021 and an EP in 2022, with production in the works for another full-length in 2024.

Next comes High Priest, an epic doom metal force emerging from the mists of British Columbia, Canada, making its recording debut with “In the Hall of the High Priest,” “The Wizard’s Gold” and “Old Men and Their Lies,” each a weighty dirge of heavy, stoner-infused doom. Guided by the immense riffs of Curtis Baycroft (Napalm Vomit) and featuring the charismatic vocals of Tyler Anderson (Gatekeeper, Odinfist), High Priest is poised to carve its niche and make its presence known in the realm of heavy metal.

Drawing inspiration not only from legends such as Candlemass and Solitude Aeturnus but also from the hazy realms of stoner doom, High Priest is crafting a distinctive sonic tapestry that promises to be a mesmerizing fusion of thunderous riffs and melodic intricacies permeated by a hazy,

stoner-infused aura.

Prepare to be drawn into a world of melodic grandeur and unbridled aggression as Ice Howl’s electrifying performances of “Silent Resistance” and “Final Stand of the Third Age” transport you to new realms in the heavy metal universe. Hailing from Bloomington, Indiana, the band is comprised of metal scene veterans Zebah Latifi, Jason Roach, Mark Jackson and Kyle Wilcher, who have united behind their combined experience and passion to bring an unparalleled level of power to the world of heavy metal with their mix of power, traditional and stoner metal.

All members of Ice Howl have been active in the metal scene for many years, honing their craft and earning the respect of fans and peers alike. Now, they come together to channel their collective talent and experience to inject power into power metal. With an unwavering commitment to their craft, the members of Ice Howl are ready to unleash their immense power and solidify their position as a dominant force in heavy metal.

Closing out the album are “Green Outlaw” and “Niseag,” two new songs from New Hampshire’s Archdruid, blending traditional doom metal with ’70s hard rock and New Wave of British Heavy Metal while incorporating themes of mythology and folklore.

Archdruid was formed by guitarist Paul Lennon and drummer Dylan Lee, former members of traditional metal band Reckless Force, after being influenced to start a project in the vein of Pagan Altar, Black Sabbath, Rainbow and Blood Ceremony. The pair would eventually meet vocalist Emily Waltz through medieval reenactment and knew that her style of performing would translate well to the type of music they were looking to play. The trio would join forces with local New Hampshire musicians Brandon Ward (lead guitar) and Chris Nichols (bass) to solidify the lineup, and the rest is history.

Track Listing:

1. We are the Light – Mourn the Light [Official Video]

2. No One Gets Out Alive – Mourn the Light

3. In The Hall Of The High Priest – High Priest

4. The Wizard’s Gold – High Priest

5. Old Men And Their Lies – High Priest

6. Silent Resistance – Ice Howl

7. Final Stand Of The Third Age – Ice Howl

8. Green Outlaw – Archdruid

9. Niseag – Archdruid

Cover art by Dark Days Design