Montreal’s The Speakeasy Debut New Single “Devil In Disguise” featuring Colorsfade’s Jean François Buteau as Guest Vocalist

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Montreal’s The Speakeasy Debut New Single “Devil In Disguise” featuring Colorsfade’s Jean François Buteau as Guest Vocalist

For fans of NOFX, Lagwagon, Sum 41

Get ready to unleash your inner rebel with “Devil in Disguise”, a high-octane punk rock anthem that’ll have you on the edge of your seat. This is the final single before The Speakeasy’s upcoming debut album on Thousand Island Records. After reaching a milestone with a quarter million streams across all platforms, “Devil in Disguise” is set to raise the bar for the band. With lightning-fast guitar riffs and a relentless tempo, this track is a wild ride through the chaotic dance between good and evil. With a soft touch of acoustic guitar during the bridge and the sing-along chorus, you’ll find yourself singing all day long. The raw energy and uncompromising attitude of “Devil in Disguise” will have you headbanging and moshing in no time. It’s a sonic punch to the gut that dares you to embrace your wild side.

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Montreal’s The Speakeasy have released a new single “Devil In Disguise” featuring Colorsfade’s Jean François Buteau as guest vocalist.

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Hailing from the vibrant punk scene of Montreal’s north shore, The Speakeasy is a punk rock quintet best known for their energetic live performances with their blend of heavy skatepunk. With a collective punk rock journey spanning over two decades, the band officially came to life in November 2017.

Two EPs marked their journey, leaving a trail of chaotic footprints on the punk landscape. Now, as they gear up for the release of their third album, the anticipation is palpable. After a few noteworthy festivals such as the Pouzza Fest, Music 4 Cancer and Festirock, The Speakeasy gained more and more attention on the punk rock scene by delivering a full electrifying live performance.

Thrusting themselves into the spotlight, The Speakeasy signed with Thousand Islands Records for their second release, a partnership that echoes their rebellious spirit. But this isn’t just about record deals; it’s about breaking the chains of creative confinement. The Speakeasy’s music is a call to unity, a rebellion against the norm. The upcoming LP, a departure from the concept album format, is a declaration of freedom from rigid rules. It’s a raw expression of life’s kaleidoscope inspired by passion, the pandemic, the grind of work, the struggles of mental health, the grip of addiction, the complexities of love, the allure of sex, and the resilience found in getting knocked down and rising again. Their music isn’t just a soundtrack; it’s a celebration of punk spirit that invites you to join their revolution. The stage is set, the amps are buzzing, and The Speakeasy is ready to ignite.




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