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He has performed with Adele, impressed greats like Elton John and Avicii with his songwriting – and yet Moncrieff is only getting started: His latest EP “Warm” is OUT NOW!
“Music has always been a lens that I use to look at the world and process my feelings.”

Following the successful release of his debut single “Warm” – an instant hit that went top-10 in Irish Radio and was performed live on Germany’s ARD Network (“Frühstücksfernsehen”) – Moncrieff has unleashed his brand-new EP for German label energie: Also entitled “Warm”, it is comprised of six heartfelt anthems.
Moncrieff’s intimate compositions immediately hit you and get under your skin: The six tracks that make uphis first EP for energie not only create a unique mood; they also offer a stunning sonic portrait of an exceptional musician who isn’t afraid to address his demons in the studio, of a young man who has been using songwriting to make sense of life for years. Moncrieff knows how to build soaring hooks and juxtapose calm verses with highly explosive choruses. He bridges the gap between vulnerable falsetto and raucous feel good moments. His new EP “Warm”: Opens with the title track “Warm” which entered the Irish top ten (radio) in 2022 serves as the perfect introduction to Moncrieff’s poignant and deeply personal songwriting. 
Sophomore single “Ruin” is an anthem about those “moments where you are both vulnerable and invincible at the same time and for a brief second, absolutely nothing in the world could stop you“  it’s another stunning example of his craft. “‘Ruin’ is about learning to open yourself back up to people after going through loss,” adds the singer who lost two siblings as a teenager. “Learning to love and accept love again can be the most difficult thing to do, but finding that person or people in your life who see you for who you are with all your flaws and insecurities, and love you nonetheless, is what makes it worth it.” Facing his fears and daring to let other people in, the arrangement perfectly mirrors the emotional roller coaster ride. 
Another heartfelt track on this EP is Talk – a ballad in which Moncrieff recounts the first time he opened up about having suicidal thoughts. “I never had any intention of writing the song.” He confesses. “I didn’t want to dramatise or poeticise it at all – the story literally happened as I tell it in the song – down to the date, the Fourth of April. After the initial shock of losing my brother began to wear off, I fell into a silent battle for almost two and a half years which I couldn’t see myself winning without him. I ended up telling my best friend how I felt one night while in his car on a drive, and it saved my life.
The story within Talk seems to epitomise Moncrieff and this latest body of work – an artist with a mission to connect with people through heartfelt and sincere music. The loss of his only siblings turned him into someone who realises that life is too short to waste time not being the truest version of yourself and doing what you love. 
Music is my medicine. It’s taught me that there is beauty in everything that you are – the flaws and imperfections, doubts and uncertainties, in our darkest moments as well as our brightest. So now I wear my scars proudly because they are part of what makes me, me.“
After moving to London to pursue his music career, it wasn’t long before the music greats took notice. Sir Elton John noted him as ‘one to watch’ on his radio show ‘The Rocket Hour’ and Adele recruited him to perform as a backing vocalist for a number of her live shows. 
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Facebook: @MoncrieffMusic