Metal 2 The Masses // Heat 4 // Northern Ireland

So here we are once again at Voodoo, Belfast for another night’s hefty music, four savage band’s all here to bring the noise!

I am freshly back from Tech Trek Europe last night watching Archspire, Psycroptic, Benighted and Ethenos I’m sure tonight’s bands will maintain those high standards set by the global Death-Tech merchants, let’s find out.

Up first are Belfast Thrashers, Sikottic who take to the stage at 8:45 and get stuck right the fuck in! No apologies, no quarter given, they unleash a blistering set and fire a warning shot that they’re not just here to make up the numbers. A well-established band they have their sound honed in, tight piercing riffs and a strong vocal performance balance out the crazy and the beautiful. Jaysus I need a cigarette after that and I don’t even smoke!

Next up are Domhain, a relatively fresh band on the scene made up of experienced band members from the ‘Norn Iron’ metal community, described by one as black-gaze my interest has been piqued! So right from the off Domhain are something very different to the competition, with sultry Celtic vibes that lie beneath the heavy wall of distortion that envelopes you as their set kicks in. The opener has an intense feeling that pulls you in, challenging you as a listener, wondering where this is going to take you and their second track simply peels the skin off your face, with a full assault on the senses you realise any preconceptions you may have had from the opener was all wrong. Shizzle just got real. These guys n’ dolls weave this crazy sonic tapestry that just fills the room with an ambience rarely seen in M2TM, we’ve seen a lot of genres across the board in the competition over the last few years but I couldn’t honestly put my hand up and say I’ve seen anything quite like Domhain, for sure this year is throwing us a few curve balls, stop messing with my melon man!

Next up is Insidious Void, these guys took a crack at the competition a few years back and return to lay waste once again to Voodoo Belfast. A seriously tight outfit they get stuck right in with their own brand of brutality. A glorious blend of Blackened Death Metal they deliver every time I see them, the weight of their songwriting crushing you like a sledgehammer to the chest. If heft is your thing then Insidious Void will bring your pain and then some. Savage!

So three bands down and Asphyxiation are up next, an unknown quantity and hurly shurt they are not what I expected, a group of young whipper snappers who kick off with what I thought was going to be an instrumental number, before being joined onstage fashionably late by their vocalist. This has been the first time I’ve seen a Chapman and  Yamaha Revstar guitar on this stage, apart from Chris Buck back in 2019 but definitely in M2TM, I don’t think we’re in Kansas anymore Toto! These guys offer a blend of Hardcore, thrash and death metal all rolled into one, a surprising package for sure and another Fantastic find in this year’s competition, very talented indeed and they have a young crowd front on stage baying for blood!

I have to say coming into this heat I honestly didn’t know what I was going to be in for and I am pleasantly surprised by all the band’s performances this evening, it just goes to show you never judge a poster by the band names you can’t read! Who knew? I’ve been Mark, You’ve been lovely, till next time.


Photography: Mark McGrogan

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Up Next – Heat FIVE  in Voodoo Belfast, we are presenting some of the finest heavy music in Northern Ireland.


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