Masheena – Norwegian Hard Rockers Reveal Music Video For “Under The Same Sun”

Masheena – Norwegian Hard Rockers Ft Elements of Abbath, Immortal, Lost At Last, etc… Reveal Music Video For “Under The Same Sun”

Norwegian hard rockers Masheena have recently shared a music video for a new track titled “Under the Same Sun”, which is taken from the band’s forthcoming debut album “West Coast Hard Rock” due out on August 25th via Majestic Mountain Records.

Watch the video for “Under The Same Sun” here.

If you missed it, watch the lyric video for leading single “1979” at this location.

Recorded at Solslottet Studio in the band’s hometown of Bergen, Norway, with the assistance of the award-winning producer and Enslaved drummer, Iver Sandøy“West Coast Hard Rock” was later mixed by the industry titan known as Machine. Pre-orders are now available at this location.

Masheena is based on a simple yet challenging mission: to honor the rich heritage of hard rock music by creating great songs that people can connect with.

In 2021, Luis-Alberto Salomon started sharing demos with his longtime friend Tarjei A. Heggernes. Before Masheena, Luis had been a vocal and instrumental cornerstone in Royal Rooster, while Tarjei played bass and drove the rhythm for Lost at Last. Seeing the potential in the demos, Tarjei jumped on board, and also roped in Gerhard Herfindal, better known as Armagedda; A legendary drummer, who has played with formidable acts such as Immortal, I, and Demonaz. The ensemble was completed with the inclusion of Luis’s friend, multi-instrumentalist Ole Andre Farstad aka “El Mago”, current lead guitarist for Abbath.

The group soon decided to form a band, and the raw mixes of their initial four songs, originally slated to form an EP, piqued the interest of the revered label Majestic Mountain Records. Impressed with the sound, the label urged the band to develop a full-length album.