Märvel launch 9th studio album ”Graces Came With Malice”

Twenty grand years have passed since Märvel entered the world of high energy rock ‘n‘ roll. Since their formation in 2002, the masked power trio from Sweden have made a name for themselves with their memorable songs and intense shows. 8 studio albums, countless gigs and tours, collaborations with scene icons such as The Hellacopter‘s Strings and Dregen, and dedicated fan clubs all over the world have all helped put Märvel on the radar. Now, one of the longest lasting Scandinavian rock acts releases their 9th full length studio album. Join Märvel, and the party, as they celebrate a double decade of rock.

”Graces Came With Malice” is the 9th studio album by Sweden‘s barons of high energy rock‘n‘roll. Released as part of the bands‘ 20th year anniversary, the new material is stronger than ever. Moving from high octane, quintessential Märvel tracks, to more laid back classic rock hits, ”Graces Came With Malice” is a 10 track collection of Scandinavian rock music at its finest. Super-catchy songwriting, stand out layered vocals, electrifying riffs and piercing melodies all contribute to an explosive eclectic rock extravaganza.


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Märvel comments:
“It feels good to know that after 20 years as a band, we have created our strongest album to date. After 9 albums of high energy rock ’n‘ roll and more than 9000 hours inside our latex masks we know what Märvel is about. We‘re aging like a fine wine yet we‘re as vital as a pack of lovesick tigers. We don‘t compromise with our songs or on the production quality. Märvel grows better and stronger for each album and by no means are we ready to put our hats on the hat rack!”

”Graces Came With Malice” is recorded and produced by Märvel in studio Solskensfabriken. The album is mixed by Robert Pehrsson in Studio Humbucker, and mastered by Magnus Lindberg. Artwork for the album and singles by Mats Engesten. ”Graces Came With Malice” is released on The Sign Records on vinyl, CD, and on all streaming platforms.

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Connect with Märvel:

Märvel was formed in 2002 when John Steen (The King), Ulrik Bostedt (Speedo) and Tony Samuelsson (The Vicar) spent a high school exchange year in Colorado, USA. Ditching classes, drinking beer and playing rock n roll in the garage gave the world “Marvellous”, their first EP. The band got airtime on several college radio stations before they left the USA and returned to Sweden with lousy grades, but high spirits. Two other vinyl EP‘s (“Heroine Tracks” & “Bedlam at the Embassy”) were released the following years through Swedish indie labels.

Between 2003 and 2011, the band started honing their skills and image by playing live and recording three albums. Constant touring and airplay during the period helped the band to build a very loyal fanbase in Europe.

With the release of their third full length album “Warhawks of War”, Märvel went through some changes. The earlier superhero gimmick was abandoned in favor of new and more iconic personas, The King, The Vicar and Speedo. A second live bass player, The Aviator,  was also added to the line up. The band fully stepped into the new characters by also adopting them live on stage. “Warhawks of War” was released in 2011 and marked a big step forward for the band in terms of sound and strong material. It also featured the guest stars Strings (Dundertåget, Hellacopters) and Dregen (Backyard Babies, Hellacopters, Michael Monroe).

In 2012, Speedo (Ulrik Bostedt) was replaced by Burgher (Ulrik Bostedt). Filled with youthful raw energy, and with a unique style, Burgher helped catapult the band even further while touring Germany, France and Spain to promote the Warhawks album.

After touring with Dregen in 2013, the band returned to the studio to record “Hadal Zone Express”. The album was released 28th of March 2014 to a never ending stream of praise. In the fall, the band recorded a mini album, with Fred Estby,“The Hills Have Eyes”. The title track along with a cover of W.A.S.P‘s L.O.V.E. Machine made a big fuzz and got frequent air time.

In 2017, the band partnered with The Sign Records, and the first release was the seventh album “at the Sunshine Factory”, the first Märvel album to be recorded fully by themselves in their own newly established studio, Solskensfabriken.  The second release was a cheeky cover album, “Guilty Pleasures”, featuring songs from a wide spectrum of artists such as Dire Straits, Agnetha Fältskog, REO Speedwagon and Monster Magnet.

It is now 2021, and with a year and a half of pandemic, the band still has had the opportunity to spend time together. The outcome will be a new album to be released in the near future. As always, the songs are in focus, and the release sees Märvel back at the height of their creativity, blending all their eclectic influences into a melodic piercing piece of high energy rock n roll!

Looking slightly into the future, 2022 marks the 20th anniversary for the band, and apart from a new album “Graces Came With Malice”, this accomplishment will be acknowledged throughout the year with exclusive releases, gigs and other surprises.

The King – Guitars, Lead Vocals
The Vicar – Drums
The Burgher – Bass