LYLVC Premiere “Crawl Space” Video at New Noise + Touring This Fall




Opening with the words “Smile fake beaten, I can’t evolve,” LYLVC have delivered the ultimate hard-hitting, emotional track with “Crawl Space.” Now being streamed exclusively by New Noise Magazine, head over to hear the full single, grab new LYLVC tour dates, and hear about how clean vocalist, Alyse Zavala, killed it as a contestant on FOX’s Don’t Forget The Lyrics!

Watch the “Crawl Space” video here.

Reflecting on creating “Crawl Space,” Zavala offered the following on its origin story: “Unfortunately some people in this world are treated as less than human, or treated as if their death doesn’t matter compared to other people. Some people are bullied or abused, kicked when they are down, and have just had an extremely rough experience with life and opportunities in general. It’s not uncommon for many of these people leaving those abusive situations to end up in other abusive situations that have different scenery, but still bad for them. I have had times in my life, especially during my childhood, when I was treated pretty inhumanely. As I went from a bad situation or ‘prison’ to another bad situation/prison, I struggled with wondering if my death would even matter to anyone. ‘How can I survive in a world that doesn’t care if I’m alive?’ I was able to overcome my personal traumas and somehow landed an extremely successful career, but I still struggle sometimes with feeling paralyzed if my life really matters to anyone or if I’m still the lost little girl stuck in a crawl space.”

Zavala continues, “LYLVC wrote this song with Tyler Connolly of the band Theory of a Deadman. It was amazing working with him and Mike Plotnikoff and feeling like they were open-minded to us writing this story without judgment. We wanted this song to be extremely vivid and gut-wrenching, without feeling censored, and Mike and Tyler empowered us to use words with powerful imagery without making us edit the language down. It’s powerful, it’s catchy, and it’s real.”

See this and LYLVC’s recently released tracks including, “Into Nothing,” “Perfect Drug,” and “Undertow” on the road, as the sextet embarks on a fall tour around the U.S. with other modern rock favorites Pop Evil and Fame on Fire. Tour dates are below.

A lyricist and performer to the fullest, Alyse was recently voted to be a contestant on FOX’s Don’t Forget The Lyrics!; the show that requires participants to sing along to tracks and fill in the missing lyrics when the music cuts out. Hosted by the beloved Niecy Nash, Alyse walked away from the show with $25,000 of winnings and one hell of a story to tell.

Thinking back on her FOX debut, Alyse asserts, “I wasn’t really nervous, but I also didn’t have any time to study at all. I had to fly to film this episode right before our tour with Atreyu earlier this year, so I mostly just hoped to get songs that I would actually know. I was worried that I would open a category with two songs I have never heard of before, and what can you really do when that happens? I told myself that I would just accept my fate and focus on having fun no matter what the song choices were. Niecy Nash was super supportive and funny, and cracked a lot of computer hacker jokes with me off-camera about my day job. I had a blast and everyone off the set was so much fun and kept commenting on my lilac hair and asking about our band, LYLVC. The film crew actually had a technical glitch while they were filming me, and they had to reboot the computer. I swore that it wasn’t me… lol.”

Catch this emotive hacker and the rest of LYLVC at a venue nearest you! Their performances kick off on October 28 in Arkansas and prove to be as alive and creative as their music videos, mimicking their real lives and big-time personalities. This is an alt-rock band that truly comes alive on stage, giving their all in every city, every state.


10/28 — Fort Smith, AR — Temple Live
10/29 — Wichita, KS — Temple Live
10/31 — Madison, WI — The Sylvee
11/01 — Angola, IN — Electric Ballroom
11/3 — Reading, PA — Reverb
11/4 — Asbury Park, NJ — Stone Pony
11/5 — Baltimore, MD — Baltimore Sound Stage
11/7 — Columbia, SC — The Senate
11/9 — Orlando, FL — House of Blues
11/10 — Charleston, SC — Music Farm
11/11 — Johnson City, TN — Capone’s
11/12 — Birmingham, AL — Iron City
11/14 — Louisville, KY — Mercury Ballroom
11/16 — Flint, MI — The Machine Shop
11/17 — Flint, MI — The Machine Shop
11/18 — Cleveland, OH — Temple Live
11/19 — Cincinnati, OH — Bogart’s
11/21 — Columbus, OH — The Bluestone
11/22 — Grand Rapids, MI — The Intersection

Alyse Zavala — Clean Vocals
Oscar Romero Lemus — Rapper
Cameron Gillette — Keyboard/synth
Seth Morgan — Lead Guitar
Kenneth Kaval — Bass/Screams
Ryan Powell — Drums