Lucias Malcolm (Call Me Malcolm) Debut Solo Album ‘Past, Present and Future Regrets’ out this Friday, March 10th

Lucias Malcolm (Call Me Malcolm) Releasing Debut Solo Album ‘Past, Present and Future Regrets’ This Friday, March 10

Single + Video “No Spoilers, But Everyone Dies At The End” Out Now

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“A melodic punk banger that scratches a similar itch as Call Me Malcolm (sans ska). And if you’re unfamiliar with Call Me Malcolm, fans of anything from Rise Against to Alkaline Trio to The Menzingers should not sleep on this catchy, anthemic track.” Brooklynvegan

“Catchy and punchy, somewhat akin to Alkaline Trio and Rise Against, this is class.”- Love It To Death UK

“…an explosive super sonic full throttle song that is down right electric and needs to be enjoyed at full volume. Lucias Malcolm has delivered big time with first single from his solo project.”- The Whole Kameese

Lucias Malcolm - Album Cover

Lucias Malcolm, frontman for acclaimed UK ska-punk band Call Me Malcolm, will release his debut solo album titled ‘Past, Present and Future Regrets’ this Friday, March 10th.

The single “No Spoilers, But Everyone Dies At The End,” is out now, along with an accompanying music video.

Stream “No Spoilers, But Everyone Dies At The End” Here.

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Of the track, Lucias says “’No Spoilers’ is about a theoretical future break up. At its heart, it’s a love song, but about a love soon to be lost. It’s about depression’s effect on relationships, the tendency it has to make us self-destructive, and how on a long enough timeline everything must come to an end. I adore coupling melancholy themes with bright arrangements, so once I found the melody, I knew this track was going to reach some dark places.”

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Track/Video Credits:

Song written, programmed and recorded by Lucias Malcolm.

Vocals produced, and the track mixed and mastered, by Oz Craggs at Hidden Track Studios (As Everything Unfolds, Mallory Knox, thecityisours, RXPTRS)

Video by Andy Baker

Lucias Malcolm - Press Photo 2 - MST Photography

Photo: MST Photography

Lucias Malcolm is a punk multi-instrumentalist from Kent, UK. Over the last 4 years. Lucias gained prominence in the UK and US DIY music scenes as songwriter–in-chief for ska/punk band Call Me Malcolm, who “have been quietly making some of the most special, unique, ambitious music in the punk underground.” (Brooklyn Vegan)

Lucias releases his debut album ‘Past, Present and Future Regrets’ on March 10th.

The ten punk rock tracks, written, performed, programmed and recorded by Lucias, combine refined punk force with unfettered emotional honesty. Telling the story of one scarred night in the mind of an insomniac, the vocals were produced, and the album mixed and mastered, by Oz Craggs at Hidden Track Studios (As Everything Unfolds, Mallory Knox, thecityisours, RXPTRS).

Lucias is part of the Blackstar Amplification roster (w/ Goldfinger, Bob Mould, Frank Turner), and is represented by All Corners Artist Booking (w/ Direct Hit!, Red City Radio).