Los Angeles Alt-Rock act Rare Hearts encourages us to embrace our imperfections on the new single “Good Mantra”

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Los Angeles Alt-Rock act Rare Hearts (aka Mexican-American singer-songwriter Joe Rojas) encourages us to embrace our imperfections on the new single “Good Mantra”

Debut EP Coming Later This Year

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LOS ANGELES – Rare Hearts is Joe Rojas (he/him), a Los Angeles-based, Mexican-American, singer, songwriter and guitarist. Today, he releases his latest single, a track called “Good Mantra” via LA-based indie label My Grito Industries.

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In all parts of his life, Rojas has taken something that is negative and flips it into a positive. This self-care practice began from necessity. Growing up around gangs, Rojas had to learn to be resilient through all the loss, abuse, and depression he experienced. He dedicates Rare Hearts to others who have struggled similarly, and encourages them to embrace their imperfect self.

Rojas says, “”Good Mantra” has to be one of my absolute favorite songs I’ve ever written. With a positive and empowering message; it’s all about looking in the mirror, accepting and loving ourselves wholeheartedly. Realizing that our imperfections are what make us uniquely ourselves. It’s a Powerful mantra for everyone on this plane of existence and one I’m proud to put out into the world. It’s a song for the community and for the individual. “You’re strong, you’re beautiful, You’re happiness, breathe these words and you’ll be unstoppable.” In a lot of ways; this song is about getting out of our own way (heads) and embracing every ounce of who we are in order to flourish in a world that is constantly pushing us to reach for external validation and unreasonable/unrealistic expectations of oneself. You are perfect as you are. Embrace that, and flourish! The choice is ours to make each moment of each day.”


What others have said:

“The new alt-rock project from Mexican-American singer-songwriter Joe Rojas…(“Good Times”) is a breakup song and a raging rocker to boot…the song offers catharsis in big guitars seemingly carved from the granite of the alt-rock ’90s.”– Buzzbands

“…with a huge chorus, catchy as hell everything, and giant, crunching guitars. This is going to make you think of those post grunge bands that bordered on pop like Weezer, Superdrag, Nada Surf, Fountains of Wayne, etc. If “Good Times” came out at this time of the year in 1997 this could have easily been the song of the summer, despite it being a break-up song, or possibly because of that.”- If It’s Too Loud