Lorna Shore // Ingested // Live Review // The Limelight I // Belfast

Lorna Shore is a band that has been making serious waves on the metal scene over recent years.

Born back in New Jersey in 2009, Bon Jovi they ain’t, but they are one of the most brutal extreme progressive, modern metal bands on the go right now Lorna Shore delivers a pummelling experience and now with the mighty Will Ramos on vocals, it has raised the bar somewhat as far as what a frontman represents in a modern deathcore band. Belfast are in for a treat tonight, the pleasure of witnessing a band of this scale in an intimate setting like The Limelight, Belfast is a real treat for the die-hard metalheads.

In tow, Manchester’s Ingested, one of the UK’s top and beloved death metal bands they have been ripping it up and down the UK since 2006 and with an army of fans it is finally Belfast’s opportunity to understand why this band is so highly regarded. It’s an early start and as the sun is still beating down in Belfast it feels strange going into The Limelight so early in the evening knowing it is going to be like an oven in there.

7:30 on the dot and Ingested take to the stage, tossing out a barrage of the most brutal riffage the limelight has seen in quite a while, it’s a brutal lineup tonight, two bands that only know how to inflict pain of the highest order and for some reason the Belfast crowd can’t get enough of it.

Unleashing Brutal Fury: Ingested, Manchester’s Unstoppable Death Metal Powerhouse are in the building!

In the realm of extreme metal, where unadulterated aggression meets relentless brutality, one band from Manchester has risen to the forefront, captivating audiences with their ferocious live performances and uncompromising sound. Ingested, a death metal juggernaut has carved its path through the underground scene, establishing itself as an unstoppable force to be reckoned with. This article explores the visceral experience of witnessing Ingested’s live performances, delving into the band’s impact, musicianship, and unrelenting commitment to delivering an unparalleled sonic assault.

Bludgeoning Soundscapes, Ingested’s music is a sonic onslaught that embodies the very essence of death metal. From bone-crushing breakdowns to rapid-fire blast beats, their music resonates with sheer brutality. The band’s signature blend of guttural vocals, merciless guitar riffs, thunderous basslines, and precision drumming forms a seamless wall of sound that engulfs the listener. Their compositions, characterized by unrelenting aggression and technicality, often explore dark and macabre themes, immersing the audience in a sinister and intense atmosphere.

Raw Energy and Stage Presence, When Ingested takes the stage, it’s clear that they live and breathe their music. The band’s live performances are a visceral display of raw energy and unbridled passion. With an undeniable stage presence, each member exudes an electrifying intensity that infects the crowd, transforming the venue into a moshing, headbanging frenzy. Frontman Jason Evans commands the stage with his menacing growls, engaging the audience and orchestrating the chaos with his commanding presence.

Technical Prowess and Musical Mastery, Beyond their sheer energy, Ingested showcases an impressive level of technical proficiency. Each band member is a virtuoso on their respective instrument, delivering complex and intricate compositions flawlessly. Guitarists Sean Hynes and Sam Yates unleash a barrage of intricate riffs and blistering solos, while bassist Brad Fuller provides a relentless low-end foundation. Drummer Lyn Jeffs showcases unparalleled precision and speed, delivering blistering blast beats and intricate fills that leave audiences in awe.

Engaging the Horde, What sets Ingested apart from their peers is their undeniable connection with their fans. Despite the intensity and aggression in their music, the band fosters a strong sense of camaraderie with their audience. Ingested’s live shows are an inclusive space, where fans are encouraged to participate, whether through frenetic mosh pits, walls of death, or chanting along with the band’s anthemic choruses. This engagement between the band and their horde of followers creates an electric atmosphere of shared energy and catharsis.

A Legacy of Destruction, Ingested’s impact on the death metal scene cannot be understated. With a relentless touring schedule, the band has performed at some of the most prestigious metal festivals worldwide, including Bloodstock Open Air, Download Festival, and Hellfest. Their live performances have garnered critical acclaim and have solidified their place among the genre’s elite. Ingested’s dedication to their craft and their commitment to delivering bone-shattering live shows have endeared them to legions of devoted fans, ensuring their legacy will continue to thrive.

Ingested stands as an indomitable force within the realm of death metal, captivating audiences with their unwavering brutality and unrelenting stage presence. Their live performances are a testament to the power of extreme music and the raw energy that can be harnessed through it. For those brave enough to step into the abyss of their live shows, Ingested offers an unforgettable experience, leaving fans battered and exhilarated

Jason Evans — Vocals
Sean Hynes — Guitars + Backing Vocals
Lyn Jeffs — Drums

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Lorna Shore: Unleashing Hellfire on Stage – The Unyielding Force of New Jersey’s Deathcore Titans Up Close & Personal.

Hailing from the fertile grounds of New Jersey, Lorna Shore has emerged as a relentless powerhouse within the deathcore genre. With their bone-crushing sound, mesmerizing stage presence, and unwavering intensity, the band has garnered a reputation for delivering unforgettable live performances. In this article, we delve into Lorna Shore’s status as a live entity in 2023, exploring their musical prowess, visual spectacle, and the unrelenting ferocity they bring to the stage.

 Lorna Shore’s music is an auditory assault that melds the brutal heaviness of death metal with the dissonant atmospheres of black metal. Their compositions are marked by blistering guitar riffs, pummeling breakdowns, and haunting melodies that weave a tapestry of darkness. Their unrelenting aggression and technical precision create a sonic landscape that submerges the audience in an abyss of sheer intensity.

In addition to their sonic prowess, Lorna Shore presents a visual spectacle that further enhances their live performances. The band’s stage presence is as commanding as their music, with each member exuding a menacing aura. Vocalist Will Ramos possesses a commanding presence, alternating between guttural growls and ferocious screams, captivating the audience with his raw energy. The band’s synchronized headbanging and aggressive movements create a visually captivating experience, heightening the impact of their music.

 When Lorna Shore takes the stage, chaos ensues. The band’s live shows are a relentless assault on the senses, where the crowd becomes a seething mass of bodies, moving in unison with the band’s music. Their breakdowns hit like a sledgehammer, inspiring mosh pits and crowd-surfing frenzies. With every blast beat and guitar riff, the band ignites a fire within the audience, creating an atmosphere of catharsis and release.

Behind the fiery chaos lies a profound level of technical mastery. Lorna Shore’s musicianship is characterized by intricate guitar work, lightning-fast drumming, and thunderous basslines. Guitarists Adam De Micco and Andrew O’Connor deliver razor-sharp riffing, seamlessly shifting between blistering tremolo picking and bone-crushing breakdowns. Drummer Austin Archey’s precision and speed provide a foundation of relentless aggression, while bassist Chris Bartholomew adds a thunderous low-end presence. This collective technical brilliance elevates Lorna Shore’s live performances to a whole new level.

 Despite the overwhelming brutality, Lorna Shore possesses a unique ability to forge a connection with their audience. The band’s authenticity and genuine appreciation for their fans are evident in their live shows. Engaging the horde, they create a sense of unity and solidarity, encouraging crowd participation through chants and sing-alongs. Lorna Shore’s live performances foster an inclusive environment where fans can release their pent-up energy and revel in the collective experience of the mosh pit.

 In 2023, Lorna Shore’s impact on the deathcore scene continues to reverberate. They have toured relentlessly, spreading their relentless onslaught across stages worldwide, including appearances at renowned festivals like Download Festival and Warped Tour. Their live performances have earned them a dedicated fanbase and critical acclaim, solidifying their position as one of the genre’s frontrunners. Lorna Shore’s commitment to delivering visceral and cathartic live shows ensures that their legacy of devastation will endure.

 Lorna Shore’s live performances in 2023 exemplify the band’s dedication to crafting an unforgettable experience. As the horde streams out onto the pavment, you can sense the energy spent in that room this evening, both on and off the stage, a sweaty mass of sticky bodies clamber out onto the streets gasping for air as the dedicated metal-heads rejoice over what they have just witnessed. Belfast came, Lorna Shore delivered, like a marriage made in heaven, a great nights craic was had by all. Come back soon lads.


Photography: Mark McGrogan 

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