Lordi – Screem Writers Guild to be released on March 31st.

LORDI are successfully continuing to give us the creeps in 2023 in their unique way that is as eerily bizarre as it is catchy. Their new studio album, »Screem Writers Guild« will be released on March 31st. As evinced during the past decades, Mr. Lordi has made a name as director for the band’s very own horror cinema ever since.

The upcoming album’s title is a reference (and a “LORDIfied” play on words) to the “Screen Writers Guild,” an association of screen writers in Hollywood (1920s to 1950s), yet there is no doubt that »Screem Writers Guild« is much louder and fiercer. “The record itself isn’t a real concept album, but it obviously plays with the overall cinematic theme,” says Mr. Lordi.

The singing boss monster takes us deep down into the dark depths of his creative brain and shows us some gruesomely beautiful locations, especially in musical chapters such as ‘Lycantropical Island’ and ‘In The Castle Of Dracoolove.’ Anthemic melodies, Mr. Lordi’s charismatic wit and subtle puns dominate the new release. Both ‘Thing In The Cage’ and ‘Unliving Picture Show’ provide hard rocking “spooktainment” while ‘The Bride’ turns out to be an atmospheric ballad about Frankenstein’s monster singing to its bride, sneaking its way into LORDI’s film festival. The final track, appropriately titled ‘End Credits,’ is a particularly personal one for Mr. Lordi, in which he sums up his life story so far (also to be found in the band’s biographical book, »Lordiary«) – a song that he wrote for his very own funeral.

Founded in 1992 by singer, songwriter and designer Mr. LordiLORDI are one of the major Finnish rock / heavy metal acts of our time. Originally rooted in Rovaniemi (Northern Lapland), the band achieved their international breakthrough after winning the Eurovision Song Contest with their hit song ‘Hard Rock Hallelujah’ in 2006.

Since then, the unconventional troop has rocked their way into the spotlight of Europe with charm, unforgettable tunes and elaborate monster costumes, and have become an integral part of the line-ups of globally recognized festivals such as Wacken Open Air (DE) and Masters of Rock (CZ) among others.

It’s eventually Mr. Lordi who designs and produces LORDI’s complete wardrobe by hand, and it takes him no less than 3 hours every evening to turn himself into the legendary monster man that once again plays the leading role in this new blockbuster – ahem, album! – coming this spring.