London’s MSTRD Return With Infectious And Memorable New Single ‘Tired’

MSTRD – ‘Tired’

(Released May 27th 2022)
An Indian, a Pakistani, an Irishman and a Greek walk into a sounds like the opening of a bad joke from a drunk uncle, but really it was the genesis of London’s MSTRD. Comprised of four pals from different walks of life, cultures and music tastes, the four-piece combine elements of 90s/00s alt rock from both sides of the Atlantic, resulting in an eclectic yet cohesive sound that’s as catchy as it is emotionally resonant.

Indeed, the band’s latest single ‘Tired’ is three and half minutes of emotionally-charged alt-rock that bridges the gap between pop-punk and indie-rock in a way that feels both fresh, yet instantly relatable.

Described by the band as being “an infectious and memorable track that expresses the feelings of frustration that come with not being able to openly express yourself without fearing judgement from others or oneself”, it’s a sentiment a lot of us could do with paying attention to.

While ‘Tired’ is the first single to be taken from MSTRD’s forthcoming debut album Where Are You Actually From, the album itself is released on the same day (May 27th), so fans of the band’s idiosyncratic brand of heartfelt alt-rock have a lot to look forward to.