London UK alt rock band, The Survival Code, are back with a new album, ‘Whispers of Woe’ Jan 2024

London UK alt rock band, The Survival Code, are back with a new album, ‘Whispers of Woe’, that’s filled with emotive and contemporary tracks that explore what it’s like to be human and navigate the challenges and opportunities of the music industry in the digital age. 

For fans of: alternative rock, Foo Fighters, Feeder, Biffy Clyro

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“Think Foo Fighters – meets-Buck Rogers-era Feeder, but fizzier and scuzzier. Nice!” – Classic Rock Magazine
“There’s a lot to like about The Survival Code.” – 
Black Velvet Magazine
“Full of buoyant jams that belong on giant stages.” – 
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“Great songs with non-stop energy.” 
– Small Music Scene

About ‘Whispers of Woe’ – The Survival Code:

“An emotional exploration into the Human Condition and Music Industry.”

London UK alt rock band, The Survival Code, return with a new album that’s filled with emotive and contemporary melodic rock songs for modern times.

Recorded and produced with Matt Hyde (Gallows, Ash, Slipknot) in the band’s studio/rehearsal room, ‘Whispers of Woe’ is a sonic document that attests to not just the strength, resilience and growth that artists and bands need in today’s music business, but also innovation and adaptability in what are extremely challenging times for musicians.

. Watch ‘Digging Your Own Grave’ (official music video):

. Watch ‘Never Knew You Existed’ (official music video):

. Watch ‘We Are Just Fooling Ourselves’ (official music video):

As a band The Survival Code has witnessed common music industry murkiness, from underhand band management tactics resulting in money being stolen from the group, to a former touring member concealing significant drug issues, and more. However, the band has celebrated significant wins; notably previous EP, ‘Crosses To Carry, Coffins To Fill’, has amassed over 3 million streams with the single ‘So Serious’ alone generating 1.6 million streams and counting.

‘Whispers of Woes’ heightens previous releases by The Survival Code, having risen to the challenges laid bare following 2019’s success but ultimately the difficulties that 2020 onwards presented. Whilst the core essence of the band’s heartbeat remains, singer/songwriter Gary McGuinness has delivered his best songs yet through rich song writing that’s enhanced with effective production values. Grit, guts, fizz and fuzz are complemented with hooks and melody in abundance, whilst the lyrics pull no punches in their stories, or rather whispers, of anguish. The songs on this new album will resonate with many creative artists who choose (or rather it chooses them) to navigate the complex landscape of the modern entertainment industry.

The Survival Code’s third long player delves deep into the rollercoaster of modern age creativity that’s filled with moments of self-doubt, and the constant battle to stay true in a world that often prioritises marketable personas over genuine identity. Notably, tracks like ‘We Are Just Fooling Ourselves’ ‘Never Knew You Existed’ and ‘Digging Your Own Grave’ shine a light on modern day artists paths, illuminating the uncertainties and hurdles they face in an ever-evolving, fluid industry that’s often difficult to keep up with. ‘Whispers of Woe’ serves as a reminder to music artists to hold onto their authenticity, persist through challenges, and maintain a positive perspective while addressing personal struggles and defying conventional industry norms.

Like so many musicians, during the making of the new album The Survival Code were forced to be agile due to the unprecedented effects of the pandemic. McGuinness demonstrates his talent as a multi-instrumentalist, playing all instruments on the new album and showcasing just how passionate a songwriter he is. Everything underscored and recognised, the new album ‘Whispers of Woe’ documents an account of what once was, is now, and where The Survival Code are heading on their own unique musical journey into the new year and beyond.

‘Whispers of Woe’ is released via Good Deeds Music Ltd on 26th January 2024. Pre-order the album and limited edition collectable book (both feature bonus tracks) here.

The Survival Code is:

Gary McGuinness – Vocals, Guitars, Drums, Songwriter
Simon Hartop – Live Drums

Album Tracklist:

1. The Heart Will Bleed 
2. Never Knew You Existed
3. For Right, Or Wrong, For Better, Or Worse
4. We Are Just Fooling Ourselves
5. Sum Of All Our Parts
6. Built To Break
7. Haunted By Myself
8. Choreography & Chaos
9. Can’t Be Explained
10. Digging Your Own Grave
11. Waiting In Wings
12. Random Faces
13. Before The Dark Takes All Of Us *
14. There Has To Be Another Way *
15. Your Voice **
16. Weight of the World **
(* bonus track on CD, ** bonus tracks exclusively on art book/album)

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