LØLØ releases new acoustic track ‘snow in berlin’

LØLØ releases new acoustic track ‘snow In berlin’

LØLØ is currently on tour in the UK with Against The Current

Canadian rocker LØLØ, currently on tour in the UK, has today shared a new single ‘snow in berlin’.

“The first time I ever visited Berlin on my first ever Europe tour, it was snowing the type of snow you only see in Christmas movies, and it was one of the prettiest things I had ever seen! “ she shares. “After living in LA all year, I hadn’t seen snow for a while, so it was a very beautiful moment. I wanted to write a song to remember that moment, of feeling something so special for the first time in a while. Snow in Berlin is about a couple of people who experience that same kind of special feeling from meeting each other. But as fast as that snow can come down, it can also melt just as quick— the song goes through their different relationship stages, from falling in love, to breaking apart almost as fast.” 

LØLØ - *snow in berlin*

LØLØ – ‘snow in berlin’ (Official Music Video)

LØLØ’s lyricism skews from rich, imagery-laden poetry to caustic tongue in cheek rhymes, but is always touched by LØLØ’s unwavering authenticity and raw honesty. Proof came earlier this yesr, when she shared the anthemic ‘faceplant’, a tale of falling hard and falling fast, the ex-bashing ‘hot girls in hell’, the emotionally-exhibitionist head banger ‘omg’ and the gritty breakup duet ‘5,6,7,8 (feat. girlfriends)’ with lead singer Travis Mills.

LØLØ is currently on tour across Europe with Against The Current and can be seen at the following reminaing dates…


01: LONDON O2 Forum Kentish Town

02: BIMRINGHAM O2 Institute


05: BELFAST Limelight

06: DUBLIN The Academy