Liverpool’s Toy Car Returns With Fittingly Titled Single ‘New’

Toy Car – ‘New’


Toy Car is the alias of Liverpudlian singer/songwriter Shaun Hough, Having fronted several other musical projects in the past, this new project is darker and more mature, harbouring themes never touched on in previous bands, most notably Tiger Twins.

Having already been described as “refreshingly retro”, Toy Car’s debut single ‘Somewhere In Between’ wasted little time in turning heads, garnering 16,000+ Spotify plays in its first month, whilst earning blog support from tastemakers such as RGM.

Coming quickly off the back of ‘Somewhere In Between’, Hough’s follow up single ‘New’ is three and half minutes of gloriously sunkissed brit-pop, combining warmth and melody in equal measure.

“Sometimes life can be difficult,” explains Hough. “I wanted to convey the message that talking to a friendly voice and delving into their world for a few minutes can change your perspective. Giving new ideas a chance instead of old ideologies and evolving as a person.”

“I wanted to show in the harmony and the overall energy in the track changing to show the change in perspective, I thought it was fitting to call it NEW as you can literally hear the song blossom.”

Somewhat removed from its recent predecessor, yet still unequivocally Toy Car, ‘New’ is the second of three singles taken from a soon-to-be released debut EP, and is the sound of an artist coming in to their own, and finding further confidence with each release.