LIGHTLORN Release New Track “Dimensionless Blackness”

LIGHTLORN Release New Track “Dimensionless Blackness”

Cosmic black metal duo LIGHTLORN has unleashed “Dimensionless Blackness,” the newest single from their upcoming full-length debut At One with the Night Sky.

The third track on the album, “Dimensionless Blackness” is full of contrasting elements. From the bright guitar picking in the intro, which belies the energetic, groove-infested opening riff that follows, to the ups and downs in the song structure, “Dimensionless Blackness” is highly representative of the sound LIGHTLORN has become known for. The lead guitar carries captivating melodies, while a foreboding piano section and an outro replete with strings and brass infuse the song with atmosphere and emotion. The lyrics are sung from the perspective of a supermassive black hole in the center of a galaxy. How it holds the galaxy together while slowly devouring the matter around it.

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Black Lion Records will release At One with the Night Sky on September 29. Pre-order the album at

Brimming with dark, melancholy passages and wistful bridges interspersed with soaring crescendos and uplifting melodies, At One with the Night Sky is a post-black metal tour de force. From the opener “Amongst Stellar Remnants” to the closing track “Earthbound,” the album takes the listener on a sublime journey through the inner depths of the human psyche to the outer reaches of the cosmos.

If you enjoy contrasting song structures and the interplay between light and dark, between stirring and gloomy, and between serene and aggressive, then At One with the Night Sky is an album you need to hear.

LIGHTLORN mastermind Renwar comments on his newest creation, “While writing the songs for this album, I didn’t want to deviate too much from the style we had established on our EP (2022’s These Nameless Worlds). I wanted to keep the mix of melancholy and uplifting, but, overall, I think these songs are slightly darker. Of course, it’s not all sorrowful and miserable – there are still plenty of upbeat parts. Although most of the songs are relatively long, there are a couple of shorter songs on the album. We are extremely proud of how the album turned out. There’s a clear improvement in terms of songwriting, and we hope that our listeners will enjoy the album as much as – or even more than – the EP.”


1) Amongst Stellar Remnants

2) A Tragedy in Starlight

3) Dimensionless Blackness

4) Ghostly Soliloquies

5) Of Longing Spirit and Infinite Solitude

6) Spiral Arms Like Swirling Rivers

7) Earthbound


Renwar – All instruments and vocals

Riaan – Drums and programming

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