Legendary South African Heavy Rock Band Nine Releases Re-Recorded Version of Classic Track Not Your Fault

Legendary South African Heavy Rock Band Nine Releases Re-Recorded Version of Classic Track Not Your Fault
(Photographer – Andy Lund)
South African legendary heavy rock band Nine, known for their unique blend of alternative funk-infused heavy rock, is thrilled to announce the re-release of their classic track “Not Your Fault” via Mongrel Records. This newly re-recorded version showcases the band’s enduring musical prowess and brings fresh life to a fan-favorite song and will be included on their Re-Activate EP set for release later this year.

Formed in 1992 in Athlone near Cape Town, Nine consists of Farrell Adams (vocals), James Reynard (guitar), Grenville Williams (bass guitar), and Jerome Reynard (drums). The band’s distinct fusion of Cape, African, and international sounds reflects their roots in the dying days of Apartheid South Africa, where they aimed to break down barriers between different cultural and musical paradigms.

“Not Your Fault” is a powerful track inspired by a killer guitar riff created by James Reynard. This disco-inspired riff instantly energizes listeners, prompting them to dance and move like it was a House of Pain song. Farrell Adams explains that the song’s message focuses on helping people let go of unnecessary guilt and baggage that they might carry through life.

The writing process for ‘Not Your Fault’ was a highly collaborative effort, as is characteristic of Nine’s creative style. The band’s unique approach allowed the song to evolve and mature through live performances. Now, with their technical and musical skills at their peak, Nine re-recorded the track at Blackhole Studios with Chris Tait, fulfilling a vision shared with producer Andy Lund (RIP) and the band. The song is dedicated to the memory of Andy Lund—musician, songwriter, producer, photographer, friend, and remarkable soul who left Earth too soon. Andy played a pivotal role in producing the record and was key to making the entire process possible.

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Though the song was lauded by hardcore fans, the original recording from the band’s infancy was technically flawed. This re-recording of “Not Your Fault” is an opportunity for both the band and their fans to appreciate the track in its full glory.

Nine has always been a band that defies categorization, blending influences from rock, funk, hip hop, dissonant neo-soul, jazz, and reggae. Their rise in the South African music underground scene in the 90s was marked by critical acclaim and appearances at major festivals such as Oppikoppi and Up The Creek. Over the years, band members have also collaborated with other notable South African artists such as Jack Parow, Arno Carstens, and Godessa.

The re-release of “Not Your Fault” is set to captivate both longtime fans and new audiences, inviting listeners to experience Nine’s musical journey through a refreshed take on a classic track.

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