LANDMVRKS // The Devil Wears Prada // Like Moths To Flames // Guilt Trip // The “Creature Tour” // Live Review // Stylus // Leeds

LANDMVRKS // The Devil Wears Prada // Like Moths To Flames // Guilt Trip // The “Creature Tour” // Live Review // Stylus // Leeds


It was raining the entire day today, and like an idiot I underestimated how hot it’d be in the venues now. Bring a fan guys. You’ll need it. It’s time. Tonight we head to Leeds to see LANDMVRKS on their Creature Tour.

Guilt Trip are a 5-piece hardcore band from Manchester. The band announced at the start of their 20 minute set that for now, this is a hardcore show. The confidence the band has on stage is clear from the get go. They weren’t afraid to demand anything from the crowd and any chance they got they would be commanding the crowd to start a pit. One guitarist in particular was very good at taking some of that interaction responsibility away from the vocalist. Both share the weight of breaking that barrier between the stage and crowd. The teamwork of the band is great to see and their stage presence would have only benefited from just maybe having the guitarists moving around the stage more freely, granted about half the stage was overtaken with other bands drum kits and lights.

Someone went a bit too hard during the first song though, leading to the show being stopped whilst someone with an injured knee had to be escorted out from the pit. Immediately after the person vacated, the band then said “I know we just had paramedics but I want you guys to start a pit again and go hard.” Obviously, as their set went on, while there were definitely pits going, people were a bit reluctant to go *as hard*. Regardless, everyone in the central pit could be seen moshing their heads in unison to the sound of the drums and the harsh vocals that pack a punch.



Like Moths to Flames came on next. The American 4-piece exuded that same confidence as the opener. Immediately the band started to set some rules on the stage, no one is to stand still and everyone is to lift two feet off the floor and “that’s called a jump.” The second song hits and everyone at the barrier is following suit. The band have some great drums to mosh to and the vocalist’s harsh vocals have a great grit to them. The energy the band brings to the stage is just immense. I lost count how many circle spins the guitarists did. Their heads were not still for a second (until the crowd had to stop once again cause another person got hurt).

It’s hard to tell how many people are here for this band, but regardless the band and crowd got some chemistry going on. The crowd started the iconic “Yorkshire” chant, upon the vocalist announcing a story about his last time in Leeds. The band stared at the crowd in utter confusion. Adding to the amusement. It’s always a fun time when the Yorkshire chant takes a foreign band off-guard (why do none of the UK crew ever give them a heads up??). The vocalist then asked “what are you all saying?” Prompting the chant starting again. He asked “what’s that?” The vocalist now confused if he’s in Leeds or this other city “Yorkshire”. He continued with the story, which involved a toilet trip behind garbage after trying curry for the first time in Leeds.



The Devil Wears Prada comes on the stage with all the charisma of a headliner. It’s clear from the sheer loudness that a lot of fans are here for them. I’ve known of The Devil Wears Prada for years, how I never got into them, I have no idea. The musicianship radiating from the band is hard to put into words. Each aspect of their live performance ties so well together. The energy from each of the members makes you lost on which side to look at. Band members even left the stage towards the end of their set and started to roam the crowd. Guys, confidence. The charisma. Goddamn.

Once again, the show was stopped due to an issue within the crowd. With my insider knowledge, a surfer made someone at the barrier hit their head on the metal. Which then caused arguments between the barrier member, security and other members in the crowd as they tried to get the barrier fan who hit their head out the crowd. But the fan was intoxicated and didn’t want to. Eventually they had to be dragged out. The band handled the dispute with grace. Distracting the rest of the audience from whatever was happening below. They started some small talk, but after about 2 minutes of nothing being done, they prompted security to just sort the situation out so they could get back to their set without being patronizing or demeaning to any party (My insider knowledge came from the fact the girl was dragged out near me and her friend stopped next to me to rant.)

The Devil Wears Prada have such a strong stage presence, you can’t help but be roped in. The drums, guitar and vocals all tie together perfectly. It’s clear this is an experienced band. The crowd was non stop, their energy matched by the band on stage. It was just captivating to watch. Made me wish I could sing along, if only I’d checked them out sooner. The guitarist kept announcing, “we’re so fuckin back.” When you can get the security guards to headbang along to your drops, gotta say you’re probably onto something with that statement.



LANDMVRKS are a french metalcore band. The headliner comes on with the lights dimming. The vocalist first, followed closely by the rest of the band. Immediately they kick off their set with the namesake of the tour, “Creature”. The crowd went crazy. I’ve heard a lot about LANDMVRKS and they definitely make themselves known. A few bands have been doing the genre blends as exemplified by the headliner and it’s so clear there is a space for it within the scene. Something people are craving, it’s just a recipe for a rabid crowd.

Surfers were coming over for each song and I swear the security at the barrier almost doubled. The fans at the barrier itself were shouting the lyrics at the top of their lungs. Many of them were shirtless due to the insane heat of the venue. I can’t even imagine what the heat was like within the pit itself. Around the entire venue, people were jumping and moshing – when they weren’t fanning themselves to cool down. The band has a very interesting discography. Ranging from songs almost sounding like punk, to harsh vocals and then rap. Explains why there’s such a mix of styles here within the audience.

The end of their set approaches and the band are demanding the crowd keep up with them. This might be the most energetic tour I’ve been to yet. The guitarists at the front kept grabbing my attention. Their constant head banging, spinning and switching sides had you glued to them. The guitarists provided some great backing vocals for the vocalist and the synergy you could feel on stage, like the guitarists sharing a mic at one point, was great to see. It’s always a shame when the drummer is lost in the haze and lights but their beatdowns were going hard and making the crowd even more hype.

LANDMVRKS continue their tour until mid May where they end in mainland Europe. The rest of the year for them is looking busy with  festival appearances and a return to the UK supporting Beartooth. The supports too have exciting years coming up. The Devil Wears Prada will have festival appearances and a tour in Australia before their own UK headliner next year. Like Moths to Flame just released a new EP and Guilt Trip have their own EU headliner coming up later in the year.

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